Maintain Your Pool With Automatic Cleaners and Weekly Professional Pool Cleaning

Maintain Pool With Automatic Cleaners and Weekly Professional CleaningPools can be used for fun, exercise, and to add to your home, but no matter what the use, they all require proper pool maintenance. Pools are constantly littered with dirt, leaves, and other debris, making it hard to keep clean. Even pools with automatic pool cleaners require maintenance beyond what a pool cleaner can do.

Advantages of Installing Automatic Pool Cleaners

When it comes to automatic pool cleaners, there are a variety of tools and equipment available on the market to make it easier and less costly to maintain a pool.

One option is the automatic pressure cleaner, which stirs, mixes, and collects all the dirt and debris on the surface of the pool then drop it into the pool’s filter. Another option is the automatic vacuum pool cleaner, which uses a hose to suction or lift all unwanted dirt or debris from the bottom of the pool. It then puts it into a special bag or directly into the pool’s filtration system.

While these are great for daily maintenance, they should not be the only way you keep your pool maintained.

Why a Weekly Pool Cleaning Service is Needed

Black and Decker’s “The Complete Guide: Maintain Your Pool and Spa” cited that even when you employ automatic cleaner, there will always be some chore that needs to be done manually, such as scrubbing algae stains from the corners of the steps or cleaning out the skimmer’s filter basket.

They also said that cleaning a pool or spa is essential if you expect to maintain a healthy and balanced water quality, keep systems and equipment operating smoothly, and avoid a variety of serious structural and health problems down the road. Under normal-use conditions, cleaning a pool or spa requires a regular, sometimes daily, maintenance.

When it comes to keeping your pool clean, it’s important that you know what you are doing, or hire someone that does. While using an automatic pool cleaner will help with the daily maintenance of the pool, there is still much more that goes into ensuring your pool is clean and safe to swim in.

Keep your swimming pool safe! See more tips on weekly pool cleaning from the Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches.

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