Make Your Residential Swimming Pool More Energy Efficient with These Upgrades


Residential Swimming Pool

There are three areas of your residential swimming pool that can be upgraded to be more energy efficient. They are automation, the mechanicals, and heating the pool.

Automation. Setting your mechanicals on timers allows them to run for shorter periods of time at a more frequent rate, rather than for hours each day. Timers can be used with pool pumps, heaters, robotic pool cleaners, lighting, and waterfalls.

Mechanicals. It is important to consult a pool professional for mechanicals. The entire system must be evaluated. All elements work together. So energy must be balanced with circulation.

  • Pool pumps use the most power. It is important to use an energy efficient pump that uses 30 to 45% less energy. A smaller energy efficient pump can be used and also needs to be used less often than standard pumps. A variable speed model lets you use a slower speed on a daily basis with a higher speed for a more thorough weekly cleaning.
  • Filters with a lower resistance save energy, as well. A large cartridge filter gives the least resistance with the DE coming in second. Though sand isn’t the best for creating lower resistance, it is the easiest filter to clean.
  • The new LED lights give the best energy savings.

Pool Heating. You can save a lot of energy in this area. In the south of Florida, most pool owners stop using their pools between November and February when the weather cools down. A pool heater extends your use, as well as making it more comfortable during cooler days during the rest of the year.

  • If you use a pool heater, one that uses solar energy to power it or the thermal electric heater saves more energy than a gas or electric heater. The thermal converts the outside air when above 50 degrees Fahrenheit to power the heater.
  • While using the pool on a sunny day, a pool cover traps the heat from the sun after sunset. A cover also will save on energy from the cleaning and filtration systems by keeping out debris and pollutants.

A solar pool cover saves even more energy by heating the pool on sunny days when the pool is not in use.

Regardless of what upgrades you choose to make in order to save energy, any of these will help save those monthly dollars to keep your pool in good shape.

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