How Much Does Saltwater Pool Maintenance Really Cost

Saltwater Pool Maintenance Is Not As Costly

Saltwater Pool MaintenanceWhen you’re in the market for a pool, there are a lot of factors to consider. While everyone thinks about how they want the pool to look and its size, most don’t consider the cost of maintenance. Years ago, pools required a lot of chemicals and work to keep the water clear and sparkling. Today, however, salt water pools promise to cut down on a lot of the maintenance involved with having a backyard pool.

Of course, that promise leaves a lot of people to wonder about what exactly is involved with saltwater pool maintenance. These pools don’t rely on the typical chemical systems of chlorine pools, but instead use electronic monitors and equipment to control the levels of salt. While they are more expensive to construct due to this specialized equipment, many pool owners notice the savings on pool chemicals almost immediately, accumulating large savings over time.

Save Money With Saltwater Pool Maintenance

Saltwater pool maintenance can save a pool owner about one hundred dollars a month simply by buying salt instead of chlorine. In addition, there are no other chemicals to add to a saltwater pool. This means no pH testing kits (and no additional testing supplies), and no shock treatments. The salt is released by the specialized equipment that monitors the water quality, ensuring that there is not too much salt in the water yet enough to keep the water free of bacteria and mold.

High-tech filtration systems also are used for salt water pools to keep the water clean and the pool ready for swimming. Maintaining these filters is relatively simple, and energy costs tend to be slightly lower than the older-style filters used for traditional chlorine pools. Saltwater pool filters tend to be a little more energy efficient, but their cycle times are slightly longer than the filters used for chlorine pools. This means that energy costs for saltwater pools are fairly comparable to standard pools.

Finally, because there are not as many chemicals and the filtration systems are newer and less complicated, saltwater pools tend to not have as many service calls as traditional chlorine pools.

Overall, it costs more for the initial installation of a saltwater pool, the maintenance costs tend to be lower than with standard pools.

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