My Pool Pump needs CPR?

Swimming PoolPool Pump Repair or Replace

You want to enjoy your swimming pool as much as you can. But that won’t be possible if the pool pump is not working properly. So what will you do? The pump is like heart of your swimming pool. It creates pressure in your pool, which forces the water to flow through the filter. Without a filter pump, your swimming pool is likely to become a swamp. There are different reasons that may impair the proper functioning of the pump.

Here is a list of common pump problems along with possible remedies and suggestions for pool repair.

Loss of Pool Pump Suction

If your pump is not circulating water, the first thing to check is the skimmer and pump baskets to make sure they are empty and there is nothing blocking the flow of water. The next step is to make sure your pool filter is clean. Check the pool impeller which can become occasionally clogged. The pool impeller is connected to the motor that moves the water by opening the pump. One common cause for pool pump suction loss is an air leak in the suction line where the pump is supplied with the water from the pool. This is the issue when a pump doesn’t catch prime. Prime means when your pump is running at full capacity.

Pool Pump leaking water

If your pump leaks, the reason is the increased pressure inside the pump. The causes for a leak can be a bad impeller housing O-ring, bad shaft seal, or bad thread sealant or shrunken threads on the plumbing discharge pipe, or the pipe that comes out of the pump. If it is an O-ring or seal, it is best to get a Go Kit, which has every seal and O-ring in the pump, in one kit. It is advised that if you are going to take the pump apart, you might as well replace all the seals.

Pool Pump Motor doesn’t work or turns off

This problem can be the result of several causes. Check the power to the motor first. Check the breaker to ensure your timer is set to turn on the pump. If you are getting power, check to hear if the motor is humming or clicking. A humming motor can mean the problem could be the capacitor. The capacitor is like a battery that makes the motor start spinning. If your motor works but stops in between, it may be due to over-heating. Pool pumps need high and constant power, the lack of which causes overheating. The other reason for overheating is motor fan failure or vent blockage. Make sure to keep the vents open by keeping them free of dirt and leaves. Another reason for overheating, in some cases, is sunlight. This problem can be avoided by getting a motor cover.

Pool Pump Motor is loud

If your pump is loud, what kind of sound does it make? If it sounds like grinding rocks, it may be vibrating on the pad it sits on. A piece of rubber mat under it might help stop the noise. If that is not the case, it may be cavitation. Cavitation happens when the pump cannot get sufficient water fast enough. In some cases it may be a clogged filter or impeller. Clear out any obstructions and it should be fine. If your pump is making screaming sounds, you may need a new bearing for your motor. Bearings are mounted on t

Pool Pump Motor takes air

Pool pumps should be air tight but small air leaks are common. But if the air leak becomes large, it can cause problems with circulation or prime. The most common causes of a pump air leak include bad thread sealant where the pipe enters the pump, a leaky valve stem on one of the suction valves or a break in the plumbing. Other reasons for air leaking into the system can be a loose or old pump lid or pump lid o-ring or an ill fitting pump drain plug. All air leaks originate before the impeller. To tackle air leaks, you have to get the faulty parts of the motor repaired or replaced.he motor shaft inside the motor to help reduce the friction as the electro magnates make the motor shaft spin. This is a high wear and tear item within the pump motor.

You can avoid pool pump problems to some extent by taking care of small things. But when a pool pump motor needs repair or replacement, you should have it done as soon as possible to avoid more pool maintenance problems. If you think your pool pump needs repair or replacement, call the professionals at Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches to discuss your options or click here.

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