Myths and Facts:

myths and factsWhen I get red eyes while swimming, it means there is too much chlorine in the water and does it matter if i have a salt water pool?

If you have a salt water pool instead of a chlorinated pool you can still have the burning sensation on your eyes and throat because contrary to popular belief it’s not the chlorine that burns you. Red eyes and itchy skin are usually caused by improper pH or high chloramine levels. Surprisingly, the pool may actually need additional chlorine treatment to get rid of chloramines and sanitize the water.

 If I do my pool myself it will be cost effective and save me money.

Pools may look easy to take care of but they actually are not. It might be cost effective in the short term but in the long term you can get into trouble with costly repairs. It’s best to let a professional handle the upkeep of your pool.

As long as a child is wearing a diaper in the pool, there’s no chance for a contamination of the water.

Accidents from diapered children pose a risk of contamination. To minimize this risk, parents must wash children thoroughly, front and back, with soap and water, and make sure a clean, form-fitting swim diaper is worn by the child at all times. Just remember that swim diapers are not leak proof.

When I smell the strong odor of pool chemicals, it means the swimming pool water is very clean.

The heavy chemical odor is not from chlorine. It means that unhealthy chloramines have formed in the water, created from the mix of chlorine and contaminants. Chloramines are not as effective in disinfecting swimming pool water. A well-maintained pool has little odor.

I can�t get sick from swimming in a pool.

Swimming is a fun and healthy activity. However, swallowing, breathing, or having contact with contaminated water from swimming pools can spread illnesses. In fact, the number of outbreaks associated with swimming has increased over the past decade. Be very careful when choosing a pool company that is giving a steal of a price, chemicals are expensive and when not used properly can cause these problems.

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