The Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches is very pleased and thrilled to announce their new podcast entitled Pool Podcast. It is a podcast about The Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches’ pool products and services. It has just been launched just this past April and is now available to listeners for subscription on iTunes and via RSS. Every month, the Pool Podcast focuses on a service that Pool Doctor provides and another helpful topic related specifically to private pools for Palm Beach county residents or homeowners.NEW POOL PODCAST NOW AVAILABLE IN ITUNES AND VIA RSS

The Pool Doctor’s first podcast was hosted by our very own Holly Colasurdo and their webmaster, Elizabeth Varian.

The most recent episode featured information on pool renovations and preparing your pool before heading up north.

Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches offers South Florida’s Palm Beach County pool renovations with their top quality weekly pool service, which includes resurfacing, renovating and even building a brand new in-ground swimming pool. This maintenance service helps those people that bounce back and forth between south Florida and more northern climes.

During the first episode, Holly offered a great tip on how providing for continual pool maintenance during your absence helps keep it in top condition and ready for immediate use when you return.

Based in South Florida, Palm Beach County, The Pool Podcast serves listeners interested in pool products and services with a local focus. It will be released on a monthly basis and is available for subscription at iTunes and via RSS. We hope the Pool Podcast will be helpful and informative, in a fast and convenient manner. You can learn about pool products and services during idle times and listen to the podcast during other activities like driving a car. To sign up, you can subscribe at iTunes and via RSS.

To listen to their first episode, go to For more information, contact Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches at (561) 203 0270. If you have questions or ideas for pool products and services topics, you can send them an email or visit their official website at


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