Choose Non-Slip Mats for Your Swimming Pool Area for Added Safety

Water splashing out of your backyard pool can cause more problems than you might think.  Concrete, tile, or other surfaces can become slippery when wet, which makes walking around the edge of the pool dangerous. Non-slip mats can prevent slipping around the edge of your pool, and increase the swimming pool safety of your backyard oasis.

Your Slippery Swimming Pool

 Water commonly splashes out of pools, and even tiny drops can combine and create puddles that are dangerous. The most common reasons that water leaves the swimming pool are splashing and people getting in and out. Overfilling can cause puddling as well.

Slipping on these puddles can result in serious injuries, some even resulting in paralysis or death. Slipping can also cause drowning as well. Non-slip mats help prevent these injuries by creating a textured surface around your swimming pool.

Swimming Pool Safety

How Non-Slip Mats Around Your Swimming Pool Safety

There are many methods that you can use to make the area around your pool less prone to slippage. You could try:

 Adding texture to the concrete, tile, or other surfaces around your pool;

  • Using a non-slip coating on your deck or other surface; or

  • Applying textured abrasive tape to the areas surrounding your pool.

 These methods often include more complicated installations or applications than non-slip mats. They also may need replacing or reapplying more often.

 Non-slip mats may need periodic spraying off, and they should be put away if you close up your swimming pool safety. However, these minimal maintenance requirements are really all that your mats will need. In fact, they often last longer than other, more complicated non-slip options.

 Purchasing Your Non-Slip Mat

 Non-slip mats come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. There is bound to be an option that works with the theme of your pool. Keep in mind that your guests will walk on this surface barefoot, and not every pattern feels good to walk on. Non-slip mats are important enough that you should enjoy walking on them!

Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches tries to encourage swimming pool safety for all of its clients. Keep an eye on our blog and our podcasts for more tips and tricks to keep your swimming pool safe!

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