Outdoor Ambience with Pool Lighting

Set the Mood with your Pool Lighting

pool lighting - pool remodelMore and more homeowners today are extending their living spaces outdoors, particularly around swimming pools. And because people want their living spaces to have a great ambience to relax and unwind, pool remodeling through the installation of beautiful pool lighting make pools the perfect place for lounging and entertaining.

From party scenes to tranquility, various kinds of pool lighting for any kind of pool remodeling are available today to suit every style. If you are looking for a pool remodel, take a look at some of today’s most popular choices.

Fiber Optics

Fiber optic pool lighting is used for accent lighting because it will not illuminate your pool water.  There are even those that come with speed settings for their light changes.  Use this type of light in poolscapes where you want an inviting glow.

Pole Lights

This is the perfect kind of pool lighting for nighttime swimming and other nighttime pool activities. They can be situated some distance away from the pool so that swimmers are not distracted by the nighttime insects that are bound to fly around the pole lights. These can come in either solar or electric versions.


This kind of pool lighting offers the widest assortment of pool remodeling  for swimming pools. They come in a variety of shapes and colors and provide about 8 to 10 hours of light without the need for a major pool remodel. Floaters are more of a decorative light and not so much for everyday use; however, they are one of the best choices for a simple pool remodel.

Underwater Pool Lighting

These lights can be used in a combination of colors and patterns that can be programmed to cycle or fade into each other.  This type of lighting will create unique light shows in your pool.  They are usually energy efficient and provide bright lighting that can be rotated to give a wide or narrow beam.

LED Lights

One of the biggest advantages of LED pool lights is their high energy-efficiency. The low energy consumption will give you a great return in money for the future. Aside from lasting longer, they also give a brighter light than most kinds of light so you can install only a few of them for a well-illuminated pool.

If you are considering a pool remodel and want to discover your pool lighting options, contact Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches or click here.