Health Benefits of Ozone Filters

Health Benefits of Ozone FiltersFlorida offers residents the perfect pool weather. Long hot summers, long days, and expert pool service maintenance companies. These benefits also increase the problems.

Even with weekly pool maintenance, pools can build up green and black algae, bacteria, unbalanced chemicals, equipment and heating problems, bad odors and chlorine smell, and health problems like red eye and rashes.

Most important – bleach and chlorine do not kill all viruses and bacteria.

This is why many Florida residents are switching to Ozone Filters. Ozone filters can create a healthful environment.

Pool System Related Benefits of Using a Ozone Filter in Your Swimming Pool

  • Prevents or reduces chloramines (bound chlorine).
  • Lessens or eliminates caustic gases that eat pool infrastructure.
  • Reduces chlorine induced corrosion that damages the pool environment.
  • Less ventilation is needed – decreased energy costs.
  • Improves air quality.
  • Less cleaning is required.
  • Provides better filtration.
  • Reduction of pipe cleaning
  • Improves the effectiveness of sand filters.
  • Prevents carbonate scaling, removes existing scale, and prevents greasy sediments on pool sides.
  • Works with Salt-Chlorine Generators extending the life of the Salt Cell by reducing the demand.

Aesthetic Related Benefits of Ozone Filters in Pools

  • Crystal clear sparkling pool water.
  • Ozone is a sanitizer reducing potential cancer causing byproducts called chloro-organic compounds.
  • Reduces odors.
  • Directly decomposes organic waste by oxidation.
  • Decreases chemical use as much as 70 – 90%.

Health benefits of Ozone Filters

  • No red eye.
  • No rashes or chlorine-induced skin reactions (pool is not a toxic environment).
  • No (little) chlorine smell.
  • Reduce health related problems associated with Chlorine (Sports Medicine [SPORTS MED.], vol. 21, no. 4, pp. 256-261, 1996).
  • Ozone kills bacteria, viruses, and protozoa such as giardia lamblia and cryptosporidium organisms associated with gastrointestinal illness.
  • Prevents airborne endotoxins which can cause coughing and wheezing.
  • Reduces harmful chemicals.
  • Removes metals leaving water feeling smooth.
  • PH neutral.
  • Kills mold.
  • In the last 100 years there has never been a fatality linked with the gas.

What is Ozone

Ozone (O3) is a reactive gas composed of three Oxygen Atoms. It is produced naturally by sunlight and lightning. It  reacts quickly with organic and ammonia compounds that are easily Oxidized, such as sweat, urine, bacteria, viruses, lotion, oil.

Ozone has been used as a sanitizer, all over the world, for nearly 100 years. It is created by exposing oxygen molecules to ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun or by an electric charge from lightning.

Benefits of Ozone Filtration in Swimming Pools

  • Ozone reacts 2000 times faster than chlorine.
  • Is 100x stronger than chlorine – but has ½ the life.
  • One of the safest and strongest oxidizing agents know to man.
  • Ozone breaks down and reverts back to its natural state – Oxygen (O2).
  • No transport or storage problems.
  • Reduce cleaning and maintenance costs.
  • Can be combined with Chlorine to meet government standards and improve performance.