Palm Beach Gardens and Boynton Beach are Emphasizing Water Safety This Summer

Palm Beach Gardens and Boynton Beach are emphasizing water safety this summerWith Florida’s waterways and clement weather, and the prevalence of in-ground pools in the yard at home, it’s vital that we educate our children how to be safe in and around water.

This means that we all need to know – and teach our kids – the basics of water safety and swimming lessons are just a small part of this.

Though swimming lessons do, of course, mean that your kids are safer in the water – because they understand how to swim and keep themselves afloat if they fall into water – there are some other key points to remember for safety at home if you have your own in-ground pool.

The ABCD of water safety.

There are four steps – ABCD – to staying safe around your pool – and if you’re planning, or have, an in-ground pool at home even if there aren’t young children around, these details are just as important for adult safety!

A is for Adult Supervision

If there are kids in the pool it’s vital that they’re supervised; even two seconds is long enough for a child to get into life threatening trouble, don’t walk away, don’t look away, and don’t get complacent. Adult supervision is the number one life saving step for water safety where kids are involved.

B is for Barriers

Your in-ground pool should have a safety barrier surrounding it of four feet or more, with secure gates, or should have a secure cover that prevents accidental access to the water. Access to the secure fastening of these gates shouldn’t be at a height a child can reach without assistance.

C is for Classes

Swimming classes can teach the most basic and important of skills, as well as being great fun for kids. This summer Boynton Beach were given a $5,000 grant to support families with level 1 swim lessons for children – scholarships are available at Denson pool for discounted or free lessons, depending on your circumstances.

D is for Drain safety

Kids and pool drains don’t mix; there could be a pull that traps your kids in the drains – make sure that your children know to stay clear, and that a professional has checked and maintained your drains to keep them as safe as possible.

Overall your in-ground pool should be a fun, family place that everyone gets to enjoy all summer long – but there’s so many places that kids can be exposed to water that teaching them the basics of swimming and water safety – and to stay well away without an adult to keep a close eye on their fun – is key. With these basics in mind, your pool is a fantastic place to play.

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