Key Ingredients to Pool Design: Fancy Outdoor Living Space

When you are planning to turn your spacious backyard into a fancy outdoor living space, there are some important key ingredients to keep in mind during the pool design process. Of course, you would want to fully use the space, make it functional, high class, entertaining, and most of all, rejuvenating. Below are the 5 key ingredients to create a fancy outdoor living space.296827_2827

Cook outside the box

Pool design is personal. Have your very own outdoor kitchen and functional al fresco dining space next to your house. You just need a small space and make it functional. Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches has a lot to offer from outdoor kitchen designs, to outdoor kitchen plans, and outdoor kitchen essentials that would help create the ideal space.

Splash and Play

There is nothing more relaxing than taking a dip in your pool in a warm, sunny day. Swimming pools promote a healthy lifestyle and family activities. It provides a fun and memorable experience.

Deck out Your Patio

Decks add character and function to the outside of the house. Just add sunscreen, a glass of lemonade, steak on the grill and slices of fresh fruit and you have a virtual paradise in your backyard.  There is nothing better than having an outdoor entertainment at your own deck or patio. If you need new ideas or an easy deck makeover, you can contact Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches at (561) 203-0270 for more information.

Sunroom for Four Seasons

A sunroom acts as a second living room; sun parlor or sun porch. It is an enclosed porch having large windows or open walls to admit a large amount of sunlight. It creates a livable transition between indoors and outdoors.

Take naps on your Porch

Another option is to build and pimp out your porch. It could be a front, side, back, or even a wraparound porch. It can be simple or luxurious and do double duty as space for eating, sleeping, or lounging.

Pool Design Company

If you have any pool design questions or inquiries, you can visit the Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches website at or call them at (561) 203-0270.

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