Palm Beach Pool Safety: Keeping Kids Safe

On August 16, 2015, tragedy struck for one Texas family. A four-year-old boy drowned in their backyard pool. The boy was playing with two other children in the backyard while the mother was inside. The mother was periodically checking on the children, and specifically instructed them to stay away from the pool. However, when she looked out the window, her son was floating in the pool. Practicing pool safety procedures in the Palm Beach area can help you and your family avoid a heartbreaking event like this.

Pool SafetyFlorida Residential Pool Legal Requirements

Florida law recognizes that drowning is a serious problem in our state. In fact, Florida has the highest rates of drowning for children between the ages of 1 and 4. In an effort to combat this statistic, Florida law requires that pool owners take certain safety precautions.

Every residential pool in Florida must have at least one of the following:

  • Fence or barrier around the pool
  • Pool safety cover
  • Exit and entry alarms on doors, fences, etc.
  • Self-latching doors around the pool

More than one safety method is preferred. Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches can help you meet these requirements. We can help you find a pool cover that meets your needs or help you construct a deck area that will satisfy these legal requirements.

Pool Safety Tips

The Center for Disease Control and the Florida Building Commission have several suggestions for parents to keep their children safe as they play in and around residential pools. To encourage pool safety in Palm Beach:

  • Enroll your child in swimming lessons
  • Use life jackets (not toy flotation devices like water wings or noodles)
  • Learn CPR
  • Use a buddy system so your children never swim alone
  • Teach children to never play in or around a pool without an adult
  • Teach children to avoid suction outlets or drains

Above all, you should never allow children to swim unsupervised, even for a few minutes. Drownings often happen quickly and quietly, even while you are checking your phone, getting a snack, or playing cards. Keep a close eye on everyone in the pool!

Call the Pool Doctor!

Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches can also provide pool service to ensure that drains, suction areas, and other potentially dangerous equipment are working properly. Poorly maintained equipment can cause serious damage to children and adults alike. For more information, give us a call at (561) 203-0270.

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