Patio Tumbled Marble in Boynton Beach, Florida

Patio Tumbled MarbleBoynton Beach, Florida, is a cultural hub with plenty to see and do. From year round sunshine to easy access to the famous coral reefs of Palm Beach County the city has a lot to offer visitors – and locals are just as charmed by the stunning Oceanfront Park and all the attractions the area so proudly boasts.

With busy, beachfront restaurants and a great shopping experience for those who want to luxuriate, down to water sports or angling for the quieter life, there’s something to explore and enjoy for everyone in Boynton Beach.

Locals love to have fun in the sun – and what better way to relax than to curl up with a cocktail as the evening approaches, dipping your toes into your backyard pool.

Floridians aren’t just famed for their beach bodies and sunshine smiles – they’re also known for their beautiful homes, carefully kept yards, and – of course – perfect pools. Making sure that yours is the most beautiful on the block will make your neighbours peep enviously over the fence and wish they’d done as good a job.

The latest trend in home styling – and in pool perfection – is tumbled marble. This natural stone, treated to create a raw, rustic finish, is less slick – and therefore less slippery – than its polished brother. Tumbled marble is a fashionable, durable, beautiful stone, available in a wide range of shades.

Whatever your design plans, the marble – thanks to the tumbling techniques that smooth the surface – catches the light and creates a beautiful texture that not only looks incredible, but is a safer surface to walk, dance and party on around your pool.

If your pool is looking a little tired around the edges and is ready for a revamp, tumbled marble is a great way to go. A professional job, with quality materials, carried out by experienced contractors will ensure that your pool gets a do-over that doesn’t over-do it, but is a sophisticated, sparkling place to take a swim and soak your stresses away.

Your home is an extension of yourself – and what better way to express yourself than to show the décor and design, inside and out, is high end, expertly maintained, and perfectly finished. Let your pool be the pool the whole neighbourhood wants to cool off in.