Pool Podcast : Weekly Pool Service & Kids Pool Safety for Summer


Episode Two: Welcome to our second podcast. In this episode, Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches’ Holly Colasurdo and their webmaster, Elizabeth Varian, discuss weekly pool service and how to keep your kids safe this summer around the pool.

Weekly Pool Service, South Florida

Do you actually know what actually happens with your weekly pool service? Holly explains all the details, why weekly service is recommended and why cheaper isn’t always better.

Kids Pool Safety Tips

School is out and the kids will be home, whether talking about your kids or the neighborhood kids – is your pool prepared for safety? Your kids are home, the neighborhood kids are home and pool parties happen. Holly shares some safety tips to keep everyone having fun all summer long.

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Episode Two of the second podcast discusses weekly pool service and how to keep your kids safe this summer around the pool. 


Introduction: Welcome to The Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches online podcast with your hosts Holly Colasurdo and Elizabeth Varian.

Elizabeth Varian: Hey, welcome back. This is our second podcast with Holly Colasurdo and Elizabeth Varian.

Holly Colasurdo: Good morning.

Elizabeth Varian: Hey, how are you doing girl?

Holly Colasurdo: Good, good. It’s exciting to be back. I hope people are listening.

Elizabeth Varian: Yes, yes. No kidding. We want to make sure we say hi to everybody who has returned again. We’re Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches. We are so excited because South Florida has not dealt with the winter that everybody has dealt with up north. They’ve all come down here. The snowbirds are slowly leaving. They’re taking their time.

Holly Colasurdo: Right, they are.

Elizabeth Varian: They’re like “I don’t want to go home to that.”

Holly Colasurdo: I think they’ve stayed longer this year because of all the weather up there.

Elizabeth Varian: All the weather up north. You know, we have our own season that’s a little different than up north — our summer season. Everything gets warm up north after the cold, so they deal with the temperature differences, but we start dealing with the warmer temperatures. Hurricane season heads right in the middle of the summer. There’s just a lot that happens and everyone down here in South Florida has a pool. You guys keep pretty busy down there this time and one of the things I wanted to talk about today that a lot of people aren’t necessarily thinking about every day is weekly pool service.

Keeping you guys going in and helping everybody with their pool services, they don’t have to think about it. It’s amazing to be able to just jump in your pool and not have to clean out leaves, grubs and things. We get a lot of new Florida residents this time of year. They’ve been down here for the winter. They found they liked it. They start looking for new homes. The homes coming with pools and weekly pool service is something that they’re calling about.

Holly Colasurdo: We do get a lot of new home calls as well. Residential weekly pool service is actually just a fraction of our business, but it is very important.

Elizabeth Varian: You’re getting a call. Now, we’re saying weekly pool service. They’re wanting to do maybe less visits, do it once a month or once every two months, but your service is a weekly service?

Holly Colasurdo: We don’t even recommend the minimum is once a week, because with Florida weather, just our state alone with the sun and how much usage pools get, it’s better to have weekly pool service. Some clients have twice weekly. Some big pools and big clients have three times weekly. It depends on the usage. It depends on of course your budget. We give free estimates. We tell you what’s included and what your pool needs. It goes by how big your pool is and how often you use it. We do get a lot of snowbirds that aren’t around and they still get their weekly service. It’s important to keep up with weekly service.

Elizabeth Varian: Yeah, because you’re dealing with plumbing and stuff, so you want to make sure it’s all good to go.

Holly Colasurdo: Leaves and weather, we can’t control the weather, but if we get a big rain storm down here and you miss a service, your pool can turn green in a couple of days, so it’s really important.

Elizabeth Varian: No cannonballs into that, huh?

Holly Colasurdo: It’s like brushing your teeth every night. You miss a brushing, it’s like they don’t feel so good the next day.

Elizabeth Varian: That’s a good comparison. It’s so true. Now what can someone expect when they have the services? What all is involved in that because someone will say they’ll do it themselves but that’s not always going to happen, so what is it that you actually do for this service?

Holly Colasurdo: Our staff is very trained. We go out. We assess the pool. We balance the chemicals. We brush the sides. We vacuum. We look for water levels. We’re there once a week, so we probably see more of what’s going on that you do. If the water level is too low, extremely low and not just from the sun, you could have a leak in the pool. Then we have our leak inspection go out. It’s important. That can throw off the chemical balance as well in the pool.

It’s like a doctor for your pool. You’re getting your checkup every week and making sure it runs 100% efficiently, because if it doesn’t, if the filters aren’t clean, the water doesn’t flow freely, it doesn’t clean the pool, it can cause problems for the heater, it can overheat, just lots of different things can happen. Pools are big deals.

Elizabeth Varian: We love our heated pools down here. You think the temperature is warm outside, but that doesn’t help the water. We love our heaters to be working in our pools, whew, brr. If we could figure out how to heat the ocean.

Holly Colasurdo: That’s a big heater.

Elizabeth Varian: Now when they’re calling around and a lot of them are, they don’t know what they’re looking for in service. I know you guys are certified and licensed. When they’re calling around though, they’re getting a variety of prices. Some people, we all know you can get that five dollar haircut and nervous that it’s going to be straight or you can get a 20, 30, 40 dollar haircut. Are you like Walmart, are you going to price match if someone comes in with 30 dollar a week service? Is that something that you guys do?

Holly Colasurdo: It’s not our policy to deliver cheap policy, so we don’t compete with cheaper competitors. We believe in quality. Everything is done right. We have top notch long-term employees and we value their expertise, so we don’t offer cheap services and we don’t offer cheap prices. It goes hand in hand. You get what you pay for, as we say.

Elizabeth Varian: I’ve seen your pricing. You’re pretty moderate. You’re not over the top.

Holly Colasurdo: No.

Elizabeth Varian: That’s good. So, I bought your services. I have you out cleaning. How soon after your service tech leaves can I go do that cannonball in my pool? Because you know I’ve got to do my cannonball.

Holly Colasurdo: It just depends. Did it rain? Did it throw off the chemicals? Did they have to add a little bit extra? Every now and then they do and when they do, it’s like 15 minutes. The chemicals have to mix with the whole pool and all in all, that’s 15 minutes. It’s a short burst, but if there’s a situation where we have a new pool owner, or they’re taking over a foreclosed home and the pool has been neglected, they have to shock it, so they have to put a lot of chemicals in it in order for the algae or whatever is going on to go away and clear up and that could take up to a day.

Elizabeth Varian: Yeah, that’s not bad at all.

Holly Colasurdo: Yeah, can always call.

Elizabeth Varian: Especially if it’s only 15, 20 minutes and I’m diving in.

Holly Colasurdo: You’re back diving in. Yes, that’s fine.

Elizabeth Varian: That is wonderful. I think that is perfect because sometimes if I’m home in the summertime and the pool guy has come and he’s gone, it looks so clean and so inviting that you don’t want to wait an hour or two hours. Now I understand if my pool is bigger, it’s probably going to take a little longer, but that’s understandable.

Holly Colasurdo: Make sure your pump is working. Make sure it’s circulating because that circulates the pools. That’s all being checked when you have your service. That’s important. We do have clients that have had cancers unfortunately and they’re on chemo and they have pools with chemicals. Sometimes they call and ask how soon can I swim? We’re here for them. We answer those questions. It’s very important to us because that’s what we do. What else was I going to say? I was going to say something else about the chemicals. As long as you don’t smell chemicals, your pool is clean. It’s when you smell a pool that it’s dirty.

Elizabeth Varian: That’s a great piece of advice.

Holly Colasurdo: Hotel pools or hot tubs that are used a lot, if you’ve gotten in there, you think that it’s clean because it smells like chemicals. It’s just the opposite. If you have an odor of chemicals, the pool isn’t balanced correctly.

Elizabeth Varian: Now you’re going to have me fearful of hotel pools.

Holly Colasurdo: Yeah, me too.

Elizabeth Varian: I already am.

Holly Colasurdo: I’ll just put my big toe in. That’s good enough for me. My calves get the brunt of it.

Elizabeth Varian: Speaking of chemicals and pool safety and summertime coming around the bend, something that parents are very aware of is that school is almost out. Your kids are going to be home full time.

Holly Colasurdo: Swimming all day.

Elizabeth Varian: The kids are going to use pools way more than adults. They are doing the cannonballs. Let’s give some tips to the parents who are pool owners. How can they keep their kids safe this summer because there’s a lot of things that you definitely need to watch for and prepare for to keep your kids safe and let it be a fun summertime with the pool. What are some tips that you have?

Holly Colasurdo: Always lay down the rules. It’s parent directed, so always do your job as a parent and lay down the rules for pool safety. If you’re going to do cannonballs, make sure you have a pool with a deep end. Diving, I think that’s up to the parent. Again, if you have a deep end, that’s fine. I think the most important thing is don’t ever leave a child alone. Even if they are older, what if they happen to hit their head? You always want somebody around to keep an eye on them. Make sure your equipment inside the pool is up to date, like C-entrapments because the suctions from the spa drains can trap swimmers underneath if they’re not there.

Elizabeth Varian: What is that?

Holly Colasurdo: It’s the spa trains at the bottom. Make sure they’re covered. You know how you can put your hand against a suction area and it sucks, just like you do in the tub. You just want to be careful that those are always in compliance and that’s what your spa service or your pool service guy will tell you, that the suctions and fittings are covered and tight. If you ever see anything broken or a light out, always let us know because that’s so important.

Keep rescue equipment local, like a long pole with a hook or a life preserver. That’s very important. I think if you have young children, it’s important, especially in Florida, to enroll them in a swimming class because that is just the best thing we ever did for our kids because they swim a lot sooner down here than they do up in the northeast.

Elizabeth Varian: They have people can come to your home if you want that can teach your children in the pools that they’re at. That’s definitely a must-do down here in Florida is to make sure you know how to swim.

Holly Colasurdo: It’s a priceless investment to have someone do that. Always make sure your gates have locks. The self-close, self-latching. You can buy the alarms on the gates if you need to. They have surface or wave alarms, so if somebody falls in, it will make waves and it will trigger the alarm and it will alert you if you happen to not be around or inside the house.

Elizabeth Varian: That’s a wonderful product because one of the things I was going to ask you, liabilities with pools, one of the main things are, kids see pools and if they’re away from adult supervision, neighborhood kids, I’m not talking about your own, and if they get in your pool and something happens, the property owner, and I’m not an attorney and you are not either, but it’s pretty well known that the property owner will be liable for that child’s safety.

But that pool alarm, I have never heard of that item. Whoever created it is brilliant because you definitely want to be able to keep yourself legally safe. I remember when I was younger, we saw a neighbor with a trampoline. We never asked to use. We just went in, snuck in, and used it.

Holly Colasurdo: I know. Those were the days.

Elizabeth Varian: Luckily nothing happened to us. We were all fine. However, had something happened, they would have been liable and they would have been lacking in knowledge.

Holly Colasurdo: There’s always that chance.

Elizabeth Varian: Let me ask you one thing and a thought that came to me, pool parties for kids. They’re going to want to all gather their friends around. How do you keep a group of kids together and keep them safe if your boys had several of their friends over?

Holly Colasurdo: I think it’s the same rule. You have to have a parent that’s not on the phone, not chit-chatting so much. Somebody has to be right by the pool. If somebody were to be missing, of course the first thing you do is you look inside the pool.

Elizabeth Varian: Oh, heaven forbid.

Holly Colasurdo: I know, but my kids have been to many pool parties, especially with them being boys, and they get very rambunctious and they jump over the walls and they’re on floats and they’re going under the floats. Just make sure somebody with an adult has got an eye out for those times, you know, those fun times when the boys really aren’t thinking about danger. They’re just thinking about fun.

Elizabeth Varian: They’re being boys.

Holly Colasurdo: They’re being boys.

Elizabeth Varian: They’re climbing all over everything.

Holly Colasurdo: Yeah, yeah.

Elizabeth Varian: You’ve got great boys. Any other tips or last tips you want to leave the parents getting ready for the summer and the swimming pool?

Holly Colasurdo: One thing that probably doesn’t even have to do with the pool, but it does surround a pool is always wear sunscreen. 30 is the highest you ever have to buy. Don’t go crazy buying an expensive 70. You don’t need it.

Elizabeth Varian: I do.

Holly Colasurdo: 30 does the job.

Elizabeth Varian: White girl.

Holly Colasurdo: Buy your sunscreen. Put it on. Re-apply especially on those little cheeks.

Elizabeth Varian: They have so many easy ones to spray on that are also waterproof. I suppose for when you have a group of kids over, if you can always have one parent regularly spraying them down.

Holly Colasurdo: You need a suntan lotion applier.

Elizabeth Varian: Yeah, this is your job.

Holly Colasurdo: Yeah, it’s important.

Elizabeth Varian: Spray down the kids. Holly, thank you so much for joining us again.

Holly Colasurdo: It was great. I can’t wait for our next topic.

Elizabeth Varian: I know. It’s so much fun. How can you not have fun talking about swimming pools? I feel like a kid again every time because I’m always thinking about cannonballs.

Holly Colasurdo: I know, I know.

Elizabeth Varian: I want to thank everybody for tuning in and listening to us. We will always have the podcast up on PoolsPalmBeaches.com’s website. It will then be published out to our social network. You can subscribe to the feed as well right there on the page of the podcast that you’re listening to now. Holly, you have a wonderful rest of your day. To everybody else, have a happy swim. Bye.

Holly Colasurdo: Happy swim. Stay safe. Bye.

Closing: Thank you for listening to our monthly podcast. Be sure to contact Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches for your South Florida pool needs. Call 561-203-0270 or visit us online at www.poolspalmbeaches.com.

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