Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches Offers Pool Automation Options

pool automation options

Today, there are so many elements of your swimming pool that you can control with automation. Pool automation just makes your life and caring for your pool so much easier. It definitely should be considered when doing a pool remodeling but also can be added as an upgrade.

What Can Be Automated

You can set the time of day to activate various pool equipment, such as:

  • Pumps and filters,
  • Cleaners,
  • Automated water chemistry,
  • Water levels, especially nice to have with children playing and splashing water out of the pool,
  • Solar heating systems,
  • UV systems,
  • Pool lighting, and
  • Water features.

You can determine how long to run equipment, as well as how many times each day.

Advantages of Pool Automation

Pool automation allows you to take advantage of the non-peak hours of electrical use in your area. Some things can be activated while you sleep.

Pool automation ensures that things get done. When you do them manually, you can get busy and forget, causing problems later. Automation ensures everything is running more effectively and efficiently.

With today’s technology, you can monitor your pool automation from any location, using your smartphone or your computer. For instance, you can get real time temperature readings of your pool water, knowing the perfect time for the kids to go swimming – no more having to go out and dip your toe in the water or use a temperature gauge. It is so easy.

With complete pool automation, you have total control over your pool and its equipment – and it is all done for you.

The biggest advantage is that it will save your time – enjoying your pool instead of working on it and freeing up your time for other things.

How to Decide

There are different levels of automation to consider. Mostly it depends on what you do not wish to bother with and what your budget allows.

There are many different automation systems. Costs will depend on what you currently have. If you want the pool cleaned automatically but currently do it manually, for example, the cost will include a new robotic cleaner with a programmable timer that allows you to create customized cleaning cycles. The upfront cost pays for itself many times over in the time you save doing it yourself.

Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches can professionally install all your pool automation needs, especially during a pool remodel. Contact us to discuss how you would like to save your time. We can assess what you currently have and how best to automate those pool equipment and features.

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