Pool Chemicals for the Novice

Pool Chemicals for the NoviceGetting your pool installed and set up in your backyard and ready for all sorts of fun is super exciting for new pool owners. To maintain fun and prevent illness or irritation requires proper pool maintenance. If you just purchased a new home with pool and feel lost regarding the complexities of pool maintenance, contact us.

Pool chemicals are very harsh on your health if not done right. Professionals always recommend that if you are new to pool maintenance leave it to the experts, and let them teach you how to do it. In that light, here are the basics of pool chemistry.

Disinfecting agents

These agents get rid of the pathogens in the pool that might harm the swimmers. The most popular anti-bacterial agent for pools is chlorine. It is a form of a compound called calcium hypochlorite for the solid, and sodium hypochlorite for its liquid form. Bromide also typically does the same action, but has a lesser irritating smell, and won’t burn the eyes if the water is concentrated with it. Chlorine can be in the form of solid tablets or bars, powder form or liquid form.

Stabilizing agents

Stabilizers such as cyan uric acid, helps the long term effect of your chlorine in the water. It makes chlorine last longer, thus saving money and maintenance time for the owner. Stabilizers maintain the recommended alkalinity or acidity of the water. Chlorines are not stable and can be affected or lose its potency when exposed to too much sunlight, too much heat, and ultraviolet rays.

These two agents are the most common and important chemicals used in the pool. There are a lot of available products in the market, but professional help is always recommended. If you want expert suggestions contact us.

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