Pool Contractor Skips Out – Why to Hire ONLY a Licensed Contractor

Why to Hire Only a Licensed Contractor

There is no question that maintaining a home can be quite demanding. The busy lifestyles of most require people to tend to financial obligations while taking care of themselves, their families, homes, and communities. As for home maintenance, there is a lot of time required to attend to chores to keep homes in good repair. Many people are fine with minimal cleaning and maintenance, while others take pride in going above and beyond.

One of the most commonly enjoyed amenities of a household is a swimming pool. Not only does a swimming pool provide the family with a nice poolside view to enjoy on hot summer days, but they can also use it for exercise, invite guests over for gatherings, or just simply sunbathe nearby. There are several benefits to be attained from having a pool in one’s backyard. However, having a pool also means that additional maintenance will be required. This isn’t too much of a hassle for many homeowners since pool contractors can be hired for reasonable rates. However, what happens when a pool contractor that has promised to fix up a pool decides to shell out and leave an unfinished job upon getting paid for half of the work. Sure, half pay for work may not seem like much to recover from for many home owners but what if half pay for work means $30,000? That amount is certainly more than the average consumer can afford to lose. Swimming pool construction isn’t usually a small job, as it is a major addition to the property.

Norman Devastating Disaster

The Norman family of Oklahoma came to a devastating realization when they found their broken down swimming pool in the backyard stagnant and unattended to by the company they had hired to reconstruct. The worst part is they had been paying these “contractors” for breaking down their swimming pool, while thinking that it was just part of the process. When the so-called “contractors” realized that they were not qualified to complete the job they had begun, they evaded their contractual terms along with the $30,000 they had been paid along the way. The story can be found here: http://www.news9.com/story/22577428/norman-family-out-30k-after-pool-contractor-skips-out-on-work

Before hiring a pool contractor to work on your swimming pool, you should always be aware of their reputation, BBB ratings, and licenses. By ensuring that one’s chosen professional pool contractor has the proper qualifications and credentials, a family can save themselves from shelling out what many could label a year’s salary.

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