Pool Coping

Tumbled Marble Coping and French Pattern FieldThere is an art and science involved in creating a beautiful and functional pool and deck area. Part of that involves pool coping, think it as an essential finishing touch to the pool. Pool coping is placed around the edge of the pool on top of the pool beam and serves in both practical ways and style.

Practically, it protects the pool exterior from water. If installed correctly, the pool coping will drain the pool water away from the pool and into drainage areas. Stylistically, it finishes off the edge and can highlight the overall style of the pool. The pool coping material will help determine whether the design is contemporary, rustic, classic, or something else entirely.

Pool coping comes in a variety of materials that can blend or contrast with your decking. If you blend the pool coping material with the material of your deck, it creates an almost seamless transition from deck or patio to pool.  If you choose a contrasting material, you can create architectural interest and isolate the pool in unique and creative ways.

The most common materials used for pool coping include:

  • Natural stone, such as travertine or marble.
  • Concrete pavers.
  • Brick.

There are typically two finishes to pool coping. You’ve got square edged or bull nose. Square edged coping is fairly self-explanatory and gives a straight edge to the lip of the pool. Bull nose coping is rounded on at least one end. If you intend on having children playing around or swimming in the pool, the bull nose finish might be the safest choice. However, if you would like a clean geometric shape to the coping and have it create a modern feel, the square edge is stunning.

Contact us and let us help you choose the perfect material to finish off your pool. We’ll walk you through the process and answer all your questions about pool coping. Plus, we take pride in our work and will make sure that we carefully install whatever material you choose so that you are happy with the result for years to come.

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