3 Reasons Why You Should Have a Pool Cover for Your Pool

Your pool has tons of benefits, but those benefits do come at a cost—usually your free time if you are doing the maintenance yourself. Installing a pool cover is a great way to cut down on maintenance, and it can make your pool safer as well!

Pool Cover for Your Pool

 Benefits of Installing a Pool Cover for Your Backyard Pool

 1.      It will help keep debris out of your pool.

Adding a pool cover will prevent things like leaves, branches, and animal droppings from making their home in your pool. This makes maintenance more difficult and causes your filter and pump to work harder than they should if the debris is not removed promptly.

 2.      It can be a great safety feature.

Depending on which type of pool cover you install for your backyard pool, your pool cover may act as a great safety “net” for your family and friends. Certain types of covers are even sturdy enough to be walked upon! This is a great way to keep out uninvited guests or keep your pool offlimits during get-togethers.

 3.      It can help cut down on maintenance by slowing down evaporation.

When your backyard pool sits in the hot sun for hours, the water warms up and eventually evaporates. Evaporation lowers the water level in your pool. You will have to add more water, which may also mean you need to rebalance the chemicals in the pool. This is not only time consuming, but wasteful.

 5 Types of Backyard Pool Covers

 Automatic safety pool covers are by far the best option because they are easy to get on and easy to get off, which means that you are more likely to use it. We, like most professional pool resources, recommend installation of this type of pool cover to get the most benefit out of your backyard pool cover.

 Other options for your backyard pool cover include:

  • Bubble covers

  • Pin-down pool covers

  • Solid vinyl pin-down covers

  • Mesh pool covers


Deciding which cover works best for your backyard pool can be difficult. Give us a call at (561) 203-0270, and we can help you weigh the pros and cons of each pool cover option.

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