Pool Covers-Types and Benefits

Pool SafetyIf you have a swimming pool, you have to take care to properly maintain it. Pool covers are one of the various things needed for pool maintenance and pool safety. There are many types of pool covers available on the market designed for different purposes such as heating the pool, protection from debris and pool safety. So how will you choose the right type of pool cover for your swimming pool? Finding the right cover depends on several factors such as the pools shape, size and purpose. Here are the various types of pool covers with the benefits they provide to the pool owners.

Types of pool covers and their benefits

Automatic pool covers-

They consist of a track system and heavy duty vinyl reinforced cover material. Such pool covers are installed by a pool professional. They are great for peace of mind, water safety, and maintenance, energy savings, and water conservation.

Solar pool covers- 

These are very common types of pool covers. These covers float freely on your pool surface and are designed primarily for heating your pool through solar energy to prolong your pool season. They are not meant for keeping debris out of your pool and should not be considered as safety covers.

Solar rings-

Though designed for heating the pool like solar pool covers, they provide some unique benefits due to their design. Solar rings are very effective at passing heat to deeper parts of your pool. They can also be turned over when the pool temperature is ideal and act as barriers to sunlight that will evaporate water and precious pool chemicals.

Leaf nets-

As the name suggests, leaf nets are designed to keep leaves and larger objects out of your pool. Simply place the leaf net over the pool, anchor it down and watch as the leaves fall harmlessly onto your net. Leaf nets are often used along with a heavier winter cover.

Winter pool covers- 

They are designed to protect your pool from debris and other pool contaminators. They come with different features such as thermal protection or coloring to help guard against algae growth, but often vary in weave thickness which determines the durability and overall quality of the cover. They are used in combination with leaf nets. Winter pool covers are not meant for safety.

Safety nets and safety covers-

Besides being places for enjoyment, pools also pose a safety threat to kids and pets. So, having a pool safety cover is a must. Pool safety covers come in a standard net/mesh form, as well as solid covers. Safety nets are designed with gaps too small for a child to fall through, but too big to allow efficient balancing or movement. Solid safety pool covers are heavy covers that are designed to be anchored down and keep everything from loose debris to kids and pets out of your pool.


Having a swimming pool in your yard is a benefit because it provides a great way to enjoy your family while increasing the value of your home.  Proper pool maintenance is the best way to keep your pool from getting dirty, unfit for use, or posing a risk to your kids or pets. Choose the right type of pool cover, depending upon it benefits and your needs.


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