The Pros and Cons of Using Dark Colors in Your Pool Design

The Pros and Cons of Using Dark Colors in Your Pool DesignWhen it comes to pool design there are a great many factors to take into consideration for the finish – from the surrounding environment to the look of the rest of your home and yard.

But one recent trend shows that darker colors are in favor when designing a pool – and there are many reasons that people are choosing these darker hues. Here we’re going to look at some of the reasons why a darker pool finish might be right for you – and a few reasons that it may not.

Reasons to go for it:

Darker colors are in fashion.

In pool design as well as a growing trend of pebble-finished pools (as opposed to concrete or plaster finishes) there’s been a recent trend towards dark colors – a change from the traditional lighter blues, greys and whites of the past.

If your home is a stylish haven with interior design at the forefront of modern style a dark pool might be the perfect fit to finish the look outdoors as well as in.

This darker finish is a sophisticated, sleek look that suits modern, sleek homes and works as a striking contrast to the bright, light skies and seascapes of the Florida scenery.

Another theory is that these darker finishes can save you money in pool maintenance – as the darker color absorbs heat from the sun, keeping your water warmer year round.

Reasons it might not work for you:

Though it’s in fashion, the darker colors might not fit with the design in the rest of your home and yard. If you’re more traditional or favor bright spaces in your interior design it might be better to go for something timeless and classic, rather than what is in fashion – that way, should the fashion change, you aren’t left with a dated pool.

Your pool might also be limited on space, and a darker color can make even a large pool seem smaller – if you can only build a small to mid-sized in-ground pool it’s better to use a lighter color to create the illusion of more space.

There are also arguments to say that the benefits to heating the water are negligible, if even true at all, in water this deep. For the sake of perhaps a couple degrees difference in temperature it doesn’t make sense to choose a color you don’t like the look of as much as a lighter finish.

Finally, the darker finish may make a pool look deeper than it is – as though the bottom is dark because it’s in the distance, and shaded, rather than just dark. This could mean people dive into shallow water, risking injuries, because the bottom isn’t as clear as in a light pool.

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