Pool Filter FAQ’s

Pool Filter FAQsHow often should I actually replace my pool and/or spa filter cartridge?

PoolDr: When a pool or spa is being used, particles from lotions, sweat, dirt, etc., get trapped in the filter media; over time, the media becomes (fully loaded) with particles. At that point, simply cleaning the filter will not remove these particles, so it’s time to replace it. Replacement times differ between a pool and spa:

Pools Only: If your pool season is longer than four months or you have a year-round pool, you should replace it at the minimum of once per year.

Hot tubs, in-ground spas and spa spillovers into pools: Since hot tubs and in-ground spas may have a much higher bather load than pools, have higher water temperatures, and are typically used year-round, contaminants build up in the filter much more quickly. Spa cartridges (in-ground spa equipment that is typically combined with the pool filter) should generally be replaced every three-six months. If your water is unbalanced, however, you may need to replace it more often.

What are the benefits of using a cartridge filter?

PoolDr: A cartridge filtration system is simple to maintain and the most cost effective because it requires no backwashing.

What is a cartridge filter, and how does it work?

PoolDr: A cartridge filter uses pleated filtration fabric, called media, to trap debris, lotions, body oils, and other unwanted particles as water flows through it. Traditional filter cartridges capture particles as small as 20 microns, which are smaller than the human eye can see. The cartridges are shaped like cylinders and inserted into a specific area of the filter that houses the cartridge.

How much do filter cartridges cost?

PoolDr: The price of a filter cartridge varies based on its size. Pool and/or Spa cartridges cost $80 – $160. A Pool Doctor technician can recommend the proper type and deliver and install at no extra charge for our existing customers. Call today to discuss at (561) 203-0270



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