Pool Landscaping Tips

Pool Landscaping Do’s and Don’ts – Choosing Plants

You would think it would be an easy choice when choosing plants for around your pool, think again!

You’ll want:

  • Plants that are sun-lovers and are drought-tolerant especially Ornamental  grasses, native plants, evergreen shrubs and trees, ivy and other hardy ground covers, succulents and tropical plants (check your USDA Hardiness Zone). Surround your pool with pots and planters with colorful annual flowers (water frequently)

You don’t want:

  • Messy plants that drop leaves and debris in the pool, that bear fruit with lots of flowers and ones with deep root systems that require lots of water and big trees and plants that provide too much shade on your pool. 
  • Plants that attract stinging insects like wasps and bees and have thorns and sharp foliage that can cut pets and people
  • You do not want plants that will grow too big, taking up space and blocking the view. Plants that are not compatible with chlorinated pool water and are poisonous or harmful to pets and people

Make sure there is no open dirt around the pool. If you have dirt try putting river rock on top of it to keep it from flying into the pool. Try planting large trees a good distance from the pool and deck area, over the years roots grow large and can uproot tile and decking.

Less is more when it comes to landscaping your pool. 

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