Pool Maintenance Costs

pool maintenance costPool owners know that pool maintenance demands costs for chemicals, equipment, not to mention a substantial investment in time if they do it themselves, in order to keep the pool crystal clean and inviting. These costs in Palm Beach Florida will vary depending on the level of service needed. Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches will handle the dirty work for you, maintaining your pool so you can experience optimum enjoyment.

Regular Pool Maintenance

Regular cleaning is one of the first steps necessary to keep your pool and pool equipment working as efficiently as possible. Skimming the water surface, scrubbing the pool walls and vacuuming the bottom of the pool to remove the dust and debris that gathers will minimize pipes and filters being clogged. Pool maintenance also includes inspection and cleaning of the filters as necessary. It is recommended that pool filters be replaced every 12 months, though they require consistent cleaning between replacements.

Pool Maintenance Health

Healthy pools also require chemicals which kill any bacteria in the water that have the potential to make swimmers ill. Maintaining chemical balance is essential to avoid harm not only to the pool equipment but also to the swimmer. Achieved through water sampling and testing, it must be performed weekly in order to maintain a proper pH balance. Proper pH balance minimizes calcification of the pool equipment and maximizes comfort for the swimmers as highly alkaline water can cause burning eyes and itchy skin.

Weather also plays a big role. While pool owners in Palm Beach, Florida have the benefit of sunny, warm weather most of the year, lack of maintenance on a regular basis will make the pool susceptible to the development of algae, which can be tough to eradicate. If algae is present acid washing is a viable option, however, it should be performed by pool professionals who know how to do the job safely and effectively. Additional chemicals and equipment may be required to remove it, depending on the type of algae present. Click here for more information about Black Algae.

Why risk your investment with inconsistent pool maintenance? Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches offers experienced, professional swimming spa and pool maintenance packages, customized based on your needs and budget.

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