Pool Maintenance and its Role in Healthy Swimming

Pool Maintenance and its Role in Healthy SwimmingImagine yourself swimming in dirty and waste-filled water? Your reaction – disgust. It’s definitely not nice to swim in filth, especially if you’re unaware of it. Now, do you realize that a clear pool can be swimming with unhealthy microbes?

A lot of diseases can be transmittable through water. Many bacteria, viruses and even parasites flourish in water. Skin irritations, eye, and ear infections are only minor illnesses but there are more serious and fatal illnesses. Leptospirosis is one very common disease that can arise from unmaintained pools. Another example would be E. coli infection. E. coli is abundant in fecal matter and whether we like it or not many pools (whether privately owned or public) have this bacteria. E. coli can cause a diarrhea when water is ingested and urinary tract infections (UTI).

Being a responsible swimming pool owner means you care about the people who swim in and enjoy your pool. Thus, giving importance to proper pool maintenance. Whether you are a private homeowner, a public pool owner, you have an indoor or outdoor pool, it is good to let a professional check out your pool regularly. There are a lot of pool maintenance companies that can help you, the choice is yours in choosing the most credible one. (We are–of course–rather partial to the services we offer.) Services such as chemical testing and adjustment, deck cleaning, pool draining, algae prevention, filter cleaning, acid washing and phosphate treatment are offered by most maintenance companies.

You can also do a lot of simple actions to ensure that your pool is well maintained. If you’re a recreational facility owner, you can post a set of rules to control pool contamination. For instance, you can strictly impose the shower before swimming policy. To be more effective, employ the services of  personnel who will keep an eye on everyone. Educate swimmers that swimming when having a diarrhea is prohibited and state the reasons. These are just very simple ways but can make a big difference.

If you own a private swimming pool, do the same. Have all family and friends shower before and after swimming. Remind them constantly to wash hands after using the toilet. Remind them that the pool is not to be used if they feel unwell and especially if they have diarrhea.

Enjoy healthy swimming with the people you love without worrying. If you wish to avail of the services of a credible pool maintenance company, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We maintain both public and private swimming pools all across Palm Beach County and have done so since 1987. We are looking forward to hearing from you.