Pool Maintenance – Re-Opening Your Pool after Disuse | Infographics

Re-Opening Your Pool after Disuse

Steps to open your swimming pool, after it hasn’t been used for a number of months:

  1. Drain water & remove debris from pool cover top
  2. Clean, dry and store cover
  3. Thoroughly clean & vacuum pool
  4. Inspect electrical service, all equipment systems, ladders & diving boards
  5. Inspect tiles & caulking
  6. Clean tiles & skimmer
  7. Clean & inspect pool deck
  8. Clean & replace all baskets at skimmer & pump
  9. Lubricate fittings, valves, o-rings & plugs
  10. Fill pool to normal operating level
  11. Fill & Prime pump before turning on
  12. Set filter to backwash & turn pump on – run until water is clear
  13. Turn pump off & set to rinse – run again until water is clear
  14. Filter water
  15. Check for leaks or wet spots on equipment pad
  16. Test water balance & sanitation water chemistry levels
  17. Take water sample for a professional pool service to analyze
  18. Shock pool water to break point levels
  19. Add algaecide

 Your pool is ready for the swimming season!


After a residential pool sits unused for a number of months, there are several tasks that must be completed before it can be used for swimming. If these tasks are not done, you may experience expensive repairs in the future to equipment and the pool itself. Though the tasks are not difficult in nature, some can be time intensive. You may find that using a professional pool care service to open your swimming pool is quicker and easier than doing it yourself.

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