Pool Maintenance Tips – After the Storm

Pool CleaningWhat to do about problems with your pool & pool equipment after a Hurricane

If a hurricane has left your swimming pool dirty and damaged, our pool service is here to help.  A hurricane can turn your crystal clear swimming pool into a dirty swamp. You might see dirt, leaves, insects and debris all over your pool, turning it green or black.  Taking away the beauty and appeal of your pool, the storm can also damage the equipment of your pool. These conditions will turn a great pool into a chaotic mess.   Our pool service offers pool cleaning and pool repair in case of damage. In time  we can have your pool back to its beautiful form and freshness.

Here are some tips for pool maintenance after a Hurricane:

  1. Remove debris-

    First thing you should do is remove debris from the pool. You can remove large objects with hand and small debris with a “skimmer net” or “pool rake.”

  2. Check electrical equipment

    – If you have not taken safety precautions before the storm, the most significant storm damage to your pool can occur with the pump and it’s motor. Before restarting the system, it is a must to check the electrical equipment. When power is restored, call our pool service to check/repair the pool equipment.

  3. Clean the filter equipment

    After a storm, check and clean the filter and run it for 24 hours a day. Reset the clock for a normal daily cycle when the water is properly clean and clear.

  4. Add chlorine

    Adding chlorine to your pool after a storm is advisable in to prevent contamination from the storms debris and excessive storm water.

  5. Balance the pool water chemistry

    Make sure the pH, total alkalinity, calcium hardness and conditioner levels of your pool water are suitable by readjusting them before use.

  6. Monitor the pool system

    After the storm, you should monitor the pool system for several days to make sure all operations are running properly.


The process of recovering from a hurricane is sometimes one of emotional, physical and financial proportions. If you are unsure of what you should do to bring your pool back to health or are overwhelmed by the plan of action, call a reliable pool service company. . Our pool professionals can help you to tackle any problem caused by the hurricane, whether it is pool cleaning or pool repair. Your pool can be brought back to optimum performance, ready for use and enjoyment. To discuss your options for pool maintenance after a hurricane or at any time, feel free to contact the pool professionals at Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches or click here.

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