Pool Popped Out of the Ground? Get Palm Beach Pool Repair!

It’s no secret that Florida is experiencing heavy rains and flooding. The flooding in some areas has completely destroyed homes and valuable personal property.

However, these are all things that those who live in flood-prone areas have come to expect. What you may not have expected, however, is your in-ground pool popping out of the ground. This situation calls for an experienced Palm Beach pool repair service company.767124_69199701-per_req

What is “Pool-Popping”?

Pool popping is exactly what you might think. In-ground pools sometimes literally pop out of the ground because of flooding or soaked ground. This actually happened in Holiday, Florida in early August.

Although many people would not expect concrete to float, that is exactly what is happening. When the cement has just the right shape, it will float above the high ground waters. In-ground swimming pools usually have that required shape.

When the pool comes out of the ground, it can be very dangerous. It may disconnect pool pumps, electricity, and damage the nearby concrete and landscaping. If the pool is close to a building, it may even damage the foundation. Repairing such an occurrence in the greater Palm Beach area requires an experienced pool company.

Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches can help you rebuild. We can either repair the damage (providing the damage isn’t extensive) or help you get an all-new outdoor retreat with pool, deck, and surrounding landscaping.

Avoid the “Popped” Pool

Having a pool pop out of the ground may be unavoidable in some situations. However, in other situations, it is completely preventable. More often, pools pop out of the ground if you try to pump out the pool while the ground water is high. Understandably, most people want to start the cleanup process right after a flood. But, waiting to pump out the pool until after the water has gone down is a good idea.

Homeowners insurance with flood protection might cover some of the expenses from the damage. If you live in a flood-prone area, talk to your insurance company to be sure this situation is included in your policy.

Pool Repair Service

Palm Beach pool repair services are available to help you deal with the damage. Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches can get your outdoor oasis looking as good as new, even after a pool-popping incident.

Other companies may not have even heard of this phenomenon—Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches knows how to address it. Give us a call for a free pool consultation today! Call (561) 203-0270 for more information.

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