Pool Remodeling & Design – The Most Popular Pool Amenities in Palm Beach, Florida

Pool Remodeling & Design  – Popular Pool Amenities


Many stunning pool amenities are now available and many are quite popular in South Florida, particularly in Palm Beach, Florida. When talking about pool remodeling and design, there are a numerous of features and options to consider.

Pool Remodeling and Design – Popular Pool Amenities

pool remodeling - pool amenities florida

pool remodeling – pool amenities florida

1)    Vanishing Edge or Infinity Edge Design

Pool edge designs actually have names! They are called vanishing edge designs, infinity edge designs or zero edge designs. They get these interesting names from their appearance, since they typically have a “vanishing”, “infinity” and “zero visibility” look. They have this smooth way of blending with immediate views and surroundings, offering dazzling sightseeing.

2)    Salt Water Pool (Non-Chlorinated)

It can be confusing to decide which pool will be ideal for your family. There are many questions revolving around chlorine free and salt water pools.  Salt water pools are NOT completely chlorine free because they use chlorine generators.  However, they typically minimize the unpleasant effects of swimming in a chlorinated pool such as eye and skin irritation.  Many customers who have questions about pool remodeling options are very interested in salt water pools.

3)    Waterfalls

Relaxing by waterfalls is something that people have enjoyed throughout history. Pool waterfalls are one of the thousand ways people enjoy waterfall views in the 21st century. In other words, they are considered to be an exquisite oasis and urban desert. There are many different types of pool waterfalls to consider during pool remodeling, such as:

  •  Ledge waterfalls
  • Natural rock waterfalls
  • Boulder style waterfalls
  • Flagstone waterfalls

Moreover, waterfalls can be designed to give them a more exotic touch using torch attachments; something to consider when you discuss pool remodeling with your contractor.

4)    Tile Mosaic or Custom Artwork

Pool remodeling using tile mosaic and custom/handcrafted artwork for pool decors have become very popular. They give pools an enchanting and realistic effect, which never fails to catch people’s attention, providing homeowners a means to express their artistic sides. Most people love the idea of giving their pool artwork the shadow effect giving the image a more realistic look.

5)    Swim Up Bar

Swim up bars typically give pools a custom and unique look. They are considered to be pool specialties. There are different types of swim up bars ranging from stools to flagstones. The choice is simply yours.

6)    Built-in Barbeque

Who said you can’t have a barbeque by your pool? Thanks to new innovative pool remodeling and design ideas, it is possible to have a built-in barbeque by your pool side.

7)    Fire pit/Fireplace

People fancy the idea of having a fireplace by their pools. Besides giving pools an enthralling look, fire pits/fireplaces also give the surroundings an enchanting and fairytale-type feel.

8)    Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen by the poolside gives a pool a more comfy feel. Other than enjoying a good swim and beautiful view, you also get the chance to cook and eat by your pool.

Always make sure you hire a licensed, experienced and insured pool remodeling contractor.  Contact Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches if you have questions about pool remodeling or click here.