Pool Safety for Children

Pool Safety

 Tips to Keep Children Safe around Swimming Pools

According to research, most children who drown in their own swimming pools had been under the supervision of their parents and were missing from their sight for less than five minutes. Drowning can be a silent killer. The child will not be able to make a sound as the air passages instantly get filled with water.

While a pool is a fun recreational and leisure spot, pool owners have a responsibility to keep all guests safe, whether they are invited or uninvited.  Families with toddlers and young children need to be vigilant and alert while the little ones are around the pool.  Drowning is the second leading cause of death in the US in children under the age of 5.

Pool safety for children should be a top priority if you have a swimming pool at your home or when a pool is accessible to your children, so we are once again emphasizing its importance.

pool safety for children

Pool Safety for Children

Here are some pool safety tips on keeping your children safe and to prevent any drowning incidents from occurring:

  • Keep a constant eye on your child when near a swimming pool.

  • Install a fence around the pool that is at least 4 feet high

    . Make sure that the fence gates have latches that are higher than the child’s reach. Self-closing latches are preferred because that leaves no chance of accidentally leaving the gate open. Install an alarm at the fence gates.

  • Install pool alarms.

    Some pool alarms use sonar technology that can detect even the slightest movement occurring on the surface of the water. So if the child happens to get in the pool when it’s closed, the alarm will sound.

  • Keep a telephone near the pool.

    This has two benefits: One, you won’t have to leave the child unattended while you get the phone. Second, in case of an emergency you can immediately dial 911 for an ambulance.

  • Remove toys, or floating devices that resemble toys, from the pool after it has been used

    . Children are often attracted to them and reach for them in the pool.

  • Don’t rely on inflatable tubes to keep your child afloat

    . If they are defective, they can deflate in seconds, causing your child to drown.

  • Teach your child to swim

    . This will reduce the chances of drowning or at least increase the chances of staying afloat so that you can reach them in time. However, that does not mean that if a child knows how to swim they should not be supervised.

  • Keep a first-aid kit nearby.

Pool Safety

Keeping children safe when they are poolside is critical!

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