Pool Safety for Entertaining Guests

Tips to Entertain Guests Safely

Poolside is an excellent area to hold all sorts of parties and entertain guests.  However, as much fun it is to hold parties at the poolside, pool safety must be a part of the planning process.  Birthdays, get-togethers, barbeques, baby showers or just lazing around in the afternoon sun are some of the popular ways of entertaining guests. But it can be difficult to ensure pool safety for both adults and children to attend. You even have to consider pets that you or others have, that may be present at the party.

So if you have wanted to have a poolside party, but have been fretting about pool safety, here are some tips to be prepared for entertaining your guests:

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Pool Safety when Entertaining Guests

Pool Safety Barriers

Make sure you have adequate pool safety barriers, such as an enclosure, a fence, or an approved pool cover.  For a child’s poolside party, make sure to discuss the pool safety rules before allowing the children access to the pool.  Do not allow horseplay.  Make sure that you have an adequate supply of safety equipment, such as life vests, on hand before the guests arrive.   Corral pets in an area where they will not be underfoot to minimize tripping and falling into the pool.

Food, Drink and Utensils

Keeping pool safety in mind; guests should not be allowed to enter the pool immediately after eating a heavy meal.  It is recommended to wait approximately one hour to allow adequate time for digestion before entering the pool.  Consider serving finger foods and lighter snacks at the party.   Alcohol consumption can be a problem at adult parties too.  Consider limiting the amount of alcohol made available to your guests and always have someone in attendance poolside if your guests will be drinking alcoholic beverages.   All plates, utensils, serving dishes, and drink containers should be made of plastic or another material that will not break.  Do not use glass products poolside.

Know Your Emergency Safety Plan

Pool safety also includes having an Emergency Safety Plan and being familiar with it.  These plans are a must, especially if you like to entertain your guests by the pool.   A pool safety emergency plan will help you remain calm if an accident occurs.  Remember to keep your phone nearby at all times during the party.

Hire a Lifeguard

There is a growing trend with poolside party hosts to hire a lifeguard for the duration of the pool party. This takes the pressure off of the host to constantly keep an eye on the pool. You can enjoy the party with your friends and family. Hiring a lifeguard is an excellent choice for kid’s birthday parties. Most parents want to know what safety precautions will be taken at these parties. That’s because drowning is one of the leading causes of accidental death among children below the age of 5.

Pool Safety

Entertaining guests at your poolside is a fun idea for a party. So go ahead and have some fun. All you have to do is remember “Safety First” when planning to entertain your guests.  Contact Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches with your questions about pool safety or click here.