Pool Safety Products and Equipment

Installing a swimming pool is exciting and fun. But maintaining it is a major responsibility for the pool owner. Without proper maintenance, your pool will become a source for household accidents. Fortunately,  there are numerous pool safety products and equipment available in the market specifically for swimming pools.  Here are some of the best products and equipment using the  latest swimming pool technology:

pool safety - fence

Pool Safety using Pool Fence

Pool Safety using Pool Fences

Fencing is an effective way to prevent children from entering the swimming pool. The height of the fence is normally around 4 feet so that it is above a child’s normal height and impossible for them to try and climb it.

Pool Safety using Drain Covers

Pool drains have a suction system in them that suck in debris and stray objects from water. Drain covers prevent clothing and people from being sucked in by the drains. This is especially important for child safety, since children weigh less and the force of suction can easily trap them under water and cause drowning.

Pool Safety using Pool Covers

Covers for pools are an excellent piece of equipment for preventing people and objects landing in water accidentally, preventing  a child or pet from falling in the water. They will also prevent toys, leaves and debris from entering the pool.

Pool Safety using Pool Door Alarms

These alarms are placed on doors or gates of areas leading to the pool. This could be any of the doors opening to the pool area or gates on the fencing around it. So when someone opens any of these doors or gates an alarm sounds, alerting  you  that someone is trying to gain access to your pool.

Pool Safety using Water Level and Motion Sensors

When a child, pet or an object enters a pool, water level is dispersed. There are alarms available now that will measure the dispersed water level. At the immersion of something or someone weighing 18 lb, an  alarm will sound. Similarly, motion sensors can be set around the pool area. In the event someone steps in front of the sensors, an alarm will sound. These alarms help Prevent accidental drowning accidents.

Pool Safety using Steps and Rails

These are very necessary for every pool. Since pool walls are higher, it is not easy to get out of the pool without some help. An injury could result if someone tries to come out of the pool, but slips back in water.

Pool Safety

Technology has made it convenient to install pool safety equipment for swimming pools, without it becoming a nuisance. You will still be able to enjoy your time at the pool in a care-free manner.  Contact Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches to discuss your options in selecting the appropriate pool safety products and equipment or click here.

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