Maintaining Your Pool’s Chemical and Balance Requires a Professional

There are five chemical levels that every pool owner needs to keep track of, namely chlorine, pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness, and cyanuric acid. Plus four other chemical levels that come up frequently, these are combined chlorine, salt, borate and phosphate. All nine are important components of your pool water chemistry.944345_79095138

First, you need to determine the right type of chemical you should use. You need to look for the active ingredients. Could one bottle kill all bacteria, algae, and microorganism? Should you buy tablets or sticks?

Second, you need to add the chemicals properly in the pool water. Are you going to use floating feeders or automatic chemical feeders? Will you just pour everything directly to the pool?

Third, you need to shock the pool and add algaecide. How often should you shock the pool? Will you add algaecide right after you shock the pool or after a couple of hours?

Lastly, you need to maintain the ideal PH level. What is ideal? How are you going to maintain it?

You need to answer all of these questions if you prefer to maintain your pool’s chemistry and balance on your own. And surely, you won’t find everything in one sheet of product instruction, a google search may not even give you everything in one article. It takes a lot of time, knowledge, training, skills, and experience to know all of these. A pool professional can do all of these things, with proper knowledge, proper skills, proper product, and proper gear.

Luckily, Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches knows how to properly maintain your pool’s chemical balance. We have been providing excellent service to Florida for over 26 years, enough experience to gain invaluable knowledge and skills.

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