Prevent Pool Tragedies by Practicing Pool Safety

Palm Beach Gardens and Boynton Beach are emphasizing water safety this summerGet Serious About Pool Safety

The July 4th weekend is a tragic one for many families. Over the last few years, an average of 26 children died during this holiday time as a result of drowning. It is the deadliest pool safety weekend of the entire year.

To prevent history from repeating itself, The CPSC wants to remind parents how to stay safe when around water.

Chairman Tenenbaum said that she wants families to enjoy their pools as they celebrate, but reiterated that families need to “teach your children how to swim, put a fence around the pool and designate a Water Watcher – an adult who knows how to swim to watch the children in and around the water at all times.”

More than 5000 children went to the emergency room last year due to near-drowning injuries. Those children under three years old are at the highest risk. The CPSC’s Pool Safety campaign focuses on this population through a nationwide public education campaign that teaches year round pool and spa safety.

Pool Safety Tips

  • Make sure someone is always actively watching children in a pool rather than texting, reading, or being distracted.
  • Practice water safety with children of all ages.
  • Keep all kids away from pipes, pool drains, and other entrapments.
  • Always check the pool first when a child is missing.
  • Request all pool guests to adhere to pool safety rules.
  • Only take children to swim in places that post and follow their own pool and spa safety rules.
  • Keep a telephone nearby in case emergency personnel need to be called.

Learn Water Safety Skills

  • Become a confident swimmer and teach children in your family how to swim. Consider enrolling them in an age-appropriate water safety course.
  • Educate yourself about age appropriate CPR techniques.
  • Be prepared with basic life-saving tools and skills.

Maintain Proper Pool Equipment

  • Install and use a pool fence that is at least four feet tall. It should have self-latching and self-closing gates.
  • Use a lockable pool cover for spas and ensure that any pool covers are well maintained with no holes or gaps.
  • Install a door alarm on pool and patio doors.
  • Check that drain covers meet federal standards and replace them as necessary
  • Keep life-saving rings, poles, or floats hands in case of emergency