Professionalism in the Pool Industry

This podcast is about the professionalism in the pool industry.

Podcast Transcript

Welcome to the Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches online podcast with your host, Holly Colasurdo and Elizabeth Varian.

Elizabeth Varian :  Hey everybody. Welcome to Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches podcast. Got Holly Colasurdo on the phone right now with me.

Holly Colasurdo : Good morning.

Elizabeth Varian : Holly, say hi to everybody. Hey.

Holly Colasurdo :Hello. Are you some pool people?

Elizabeth Varian :  Yes, and I just saw an email. Someone found you on Reddit so make sure you guys go and find Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches on Reddit. Com

Holly Colasurdo :  Yay.

Elizabeth Varian : You know, we’re keeping out there everywhere, right?

Holly Colasurdo :  That’s correct. Thanks to you, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth Varian :  When we do marketing for you, one of the things we try and emphasize is professionalism and I think that is the perfect topic for today’s podcast and it’s something that most pool companies really don’t talk about. They may internally amongst the employees and team members, but out to the public of understanding what professionalism means in a pool company and what it means to anyone hiring a pool company, I think is very important. So let’s just jump right in, no pun intended, or maybe it was, and say why do some pool companies charge more than others? I think this in regards to professional versus the guy with the sign stuck to his vehicle.

Holly Colasurdo : Right, again. Yeah. Professionalism in business is a process, and I think the most important thing is knowledge, especially specialized knowledge, knowing your product, being knowledgeable and experienced. You’re not only paying for a filter or a service call, you are paying for eyeballs that have seen it many, many times before, and knows what to say, how to talk to the client regarding a product. It’s just having that knowledge and experience under your belt, and it is so important to have. Again, I think that’s the biggest part of professionalism. Anybody can-

Elizabeth Varian : Absolutely.

Holly Colasurdo : Can walk up and sell something, but it’s your knowledge of that product, the how’s, the why’s, and the what’s, and the what ifs that get communicated to that client, and the why’s-

Elizabeth Varian : Yeah. That’s something I really will say that I think Pool Doctor does very well is educate their customers on what their pool actually needs, not what bottom line budget the pool doctor needs.

Holly Colasurdo :Right.

Elizabeth Varian :It’s really offering the customer their choices.

Holly Colasurdo :  They always have a choice, whether we offer new or used, or we’re patching something, we really stress to the client, “If it is a patch, this is just a patch. This doesn’t solve the problem and these are some issues you might continue to have”. It’s just so important to voice that experience.

Elizabeth Varian : And having that knowledge, I mean, that really helps because then you’re putting and empowering, you’re putting the power back into the customer and help them make the right, educated decisions.

Holly Colasurdo : And that’s what you pay for.

Elizabeth Varian :  That is totally what you pay for. That’s a brilliant response, so I thank you.

Holly Colasurdo : Ultimately like you said, their choice.

Elizabeth Varian : There is. It is their choice, it’s their pool. So tell me, why hire a company that has a high regard for professionalism, not just for the knowledge, “I can go look online, maybe”, or something. But why would I go and hire someone? What could I expect from the pool company?

Holly Colasurdo : Well I think competency is huge. When you can go above and beyond basic requirements with customer service I think that really stands out. You return calls promptly, you answer in a caring manner, you complete their task efficiently, always follow up. You have to be honest, keep your word. You don’t want to compromise your values, and you really strive to do the right thing, again even if it means taking a harder road. If something happens or there’s a miscommunication, you honor your commitments. Accountability is huge, I think that’s a vital element in professionalism is accountability.

Elizabeth Varian : Yes.

Holly Colasurdo : You’re held accountable for your thoughts, what you say, your responses to clients, especially when you’ve made a mistake. You honor those choices that you make, you arrive on time for service calls and appointments, call if you’re running late. Don’t leave the customer hanging. It just leaves too much open in their mind to question certain things, and you don’t want that.

Elizabeth Varian : Yeah, and it creates a lack of trust, and a lot of times you’re going into the home when they’re out working. So making sure that someone is valuing the property that they’re entering and doing what they say, that is so huge. It’s so amazing how many times we get used to people not following through on their work, so that when it does happen it’s like a shock, when it should be the complete opposite.

Holly Colasurdo : Right. Yeah, and it’s almost always assumed, which is really hard, so you do have to work hard and you have to go above and beyond so you don’t leave that little window for assumptions open.

Elizabeth Varian : What else can you tell me, because it’s not a very large topic for us to discuss today, but I think, like I said in the beginning, it’s a very valuable one. It’s something that should be considered when hiring a pool company, whether to build to the pool, to do the weekly maintenance, help with leak detection or a pool repair or re-tiling. This stays around for many years, it’s not a, “I’m going to change my mind every 5 months and get a new pool, or change this, or change that,” so for me this is very crucial part of the beginning of working with the company. So, what else can you share with me about your views on professionalism being in the pool business when it comes regards to the pool business?

Holly Colasurdo : I’m gonna throw this out there, too, because I know we didn’t talk about that but I think building relationships with your vendors is extremely important. Especially the leak detection companies, and the tile companies, and the people that we work with that sell the heaters and the filters. Those people are so important, and such an integral part of this industry. If you just run the company on your own and you don’t care about vendor relationships, I don’t think it’s going to work so well. You have to have all that competency and all that integrity with those people, because that I think reaches the customer as well. Because oftentimes we’re sending a person out that we know, and if we think or get bad feedback or have to worry that that person’s not gonna honor the same goals that we do, that’s a problem. And that comes back on us, so we are like the President. We’re the go-to guy when really all the inner workings are everybody you work with.

I think self-regulation is important, I think your demeanor, I think listening actively to clients, observing what happens. I think staying up-to-date with your industry, like trade shows. Of course your website, certain advertising I think that’s amazingly important. It never hurts to dress the part and I think being polite, as simple as it sounds, it makes a significant impact, especially in today’s world. Being polite is a lost art. But we’d like to continue it here at Pool Doctor. We like being the leader, it never hurts.

Elizabeth Varian : I’ve met a couple of your technicians and they are some of the most polite people. “Yes ma’am, no ma’am,” I’m like “I’m not old enough for ma’am, yet, but I’ll take it. Stop it.”

Holly Colasurdo : Yeah, I know. It’s a process.

Elizabeth Varian : I’m not going to tell someone to not be polite, so they’re absolutely wonderful. And I like it that you guys leave a card behind so someone knows that you’ve been there, you’re transparent in your communications with your customers. And I really think, not just because I know you guys and work with you, but I think you can’t go wrong with going with Pool Doctor, whether you’re doing a pool build, your weekly maintenance service or if you have an emergency.

Thank you as always, we’re gonna have a short podcast today, but a very informative one. I don’t care how long it is, it’s definitely filled with meat. And people can get a lot from this and things to look out for when they go to hire a pool company, which I highly recommend Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches of course. So, I want to thank you so much for your [crosstalk 00:08:26]

Holly Colasurdo : Thanks, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth Varian : And everybody out there listening, make sure you call Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches for all your pool needs. Not just weekly service but also your build, your tiles and your outdoor kitchens too. So we will talk to you guys the next time.

Holly Colasurdo : Thank you.

Elizabeth Varian : Bye.

Holly Colasurdo : Happy Tuesday.

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