Protect Your Swimming Pool with These 8 Hurricane Preparation Tips

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If you own a pool in a hurricane prone area like Florida, you have to know how to prepare it for hurricanes. And just because it isn’t forecasted to go over your area doesn’t mean you won’t feel its effects or it won’t change direction.

Additionally, if you don’t do the pool preparations, the cost of any damages done to your home or those of your neighbors because of it will most likely come out of your own pocket. Why? Homeowners’ insurance will not cover damages that could have been avoided.

Here are eight amazing tips for preparing your pool and its surrounding area for a hurricane:

  1. Leave the water in your pool. Hurricanes can build pressure in the ground that can lift the pool out of the ground. The water weight will offset these effects and keep the pool in place. Pool repairs for such an event run into the thousands.
  2. Check to ensure your deck drains are working properly and removing water quickly. This helps to limit any flooding from the storm.
  3. Remove and store the pool cover. Hurricane force winds can lift it up, making it a dangerous projectile, or collapse it with the heavy rains. Either way, it will have to be replaced.
  4. Add extra chlorine to the water by shocking it. This helps with pool maintenance for all the debris and bacteria the storm brings with it.
  5. Check your nearby plants, shrubbery and trees. Trim away any dead or overhanging foliage and limbs, which can cause damage to the pool and add extra maintenance after the storm.
  6. Turn off all mechanicals and lighting. Securely cover any that are exposed to the elements – remove and store if area is prone to flooding. Turn off the electricity at the breaker box to avoid any damaging electrical surge.
  7. Remove and store – not in the pool – any movable items in the pool or in the surrounding area. Furniture, grills, canvas shade covers and umbrellas, pool toys and accessories can all become projectiles. Putting any items in the pool can cause costly damage to the pool surface, to the items or the wind can make them projectiles.
  8. Finally, you must prepare your screened enclosure or surrounding fence. For either, remove the gate and safely store in the garage. Winds can take gates and toss them around for miles. Additionally for the screened enclosure, remove panels in each direction to allow the high winds to pass through.

Some before-the-storm preparation can prevent a lot of damage in costly pool repairs and pool maintenance after the hurricane has passed. It also can prevent lawsuits for the cost of repairing damaged property of your neighbors.

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