Pool Safety – Protect your Pool from Uninvited Guests

Pool Safety

Tips to keep uninvited visitors at bay, without appearing rude!


Don’t we all love spending our hot summer days taking a dip in the refreshing, cool water of a swimming pool?  But this type of recreation comes with responsibilities.  Pool safety must be a top priority for pool owners who must be prepared if uninvited guests show up for a refreshing dip also.  While these incidents can be annoying, the pool owner can also be liable if someone is injured while using their pool, even if they were not invited to be there.

Have you experienced finding uninvited guests at your pool? Have you ever returned home to find the neighbors, children in the neighborhood or even worse, strangers who suddenly appear to take a dip in your pool?  If you haven’t, consider yourself lucky because these types of situations occur.  Therefore, pool owners must be prepared to manage the access to their pools.

Pool safety…

it’s vitally important!  It’s not rude to control access to your swimming pool-it’s  the smart thing to do.  Here are some proven techniques to keep unwanted visitors away from your swimming pool:

pool safety

Pool Safety Protection with Adequate Fencing

Get a Pool Fence Installed

Pool safety can be improved by install a pool fences have a locked gate on them and are usually about 4 to 5 feet high. Climbing over them can be a hassle. Plus, most modern day pool safety equipment manufacturers offer an alarm to be installed at the gate in the fence. When uninvited guests head over to your pool, the alarm will sound. This sound will alert you to the problem and will likely embarrass or scare away the uninvited guest(s).  Remember pool barriers, like fences, are installed for safety reasons.

Install an Automatic Pool Cover

Automatic pool covers are another safety product to help you control access to your pool.  They span the entire area of your swimming pool, so when you are not using the pool, just cover it up. Unwanted guests will realize they can’t just invite themselves over without asking for your permission. They will have to ask you to remove the cover for them to enter the pool. Automatic covers are not like plastic tarps, they are machine controlled and made like a solid metallic cover.

Motion Sensors

These are a blessing. Anyone stepping within the area covered by the motion sensor will trigger an alarm. This alarm may deter an unwanted guest since they didn’t ask you for permission to use the pool. Plus, it acts as a security feature against thieves and burglars.  However, its primary purpose as discussed here, is as a pool safety feature for children and pets because they will trip the alarm if they go near the pool, which will alert you to investigate.


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