Protecting your Pool in the Hurricane Season

Here comes the Hurricane Season

hurricaneWhile Florida has a beautiful summer climate the downside is that it also experiences hurricanes. Although it is a known event it is surprising how many Floridians are caught unaware when it comes to preparing home pools.

By following our step by step guide on how to prepare your pool for the hurricane season we hope you will have a trouble free system.

How to Prepare your Pool for Hurricane Season

1. Check to see how quickly your pool deck drains.

This can be done easily by using a garden hose and seeing how quickly the water disappears. If the water takes a long time to drain or doesn’t drain then check and clean the deck drains and skimmers. If your pool deck isn’t draining now it certainly won’t in the hurricane season!

2. Secure or remove outdoor furniture and stores.

Even large pieces of furniture can be extremely dangerous if hurled around by the hurricane and the most innocent of small toys can be potentially lethal weapons. Removing them will also diminish the risk of them causing damage to other parts of your property.

3. Don’t drain the pool.

Although draining the pool by a couple of inches is safe to do, draining the pool altogether could potentially cause serious structural damage.

4. Switch off the pump, electric motor, chlorinators, lighting and any other electrical equipment connected to the pool at the circuit breaker.

5. Trim any overhanging trees or nearby shrubbery.

This will minimize the amount of debris entering the pool during the hurricanes and reduce the time needed to skim the surface and clean the pool afterwards.

How to Take Care of your Pool after the Hurricane Season

1. Once the hurricane season is over clean out any debris which has fallen into the pool.

If it is not removed quickly it may cause permanent staining.

2. Inspect the electrical system including the pool pump and motor.

If there is any visible damage or you have any concerns whatsoever contact your pool contractor immediately. It is far better to have the system checked out rather than to risk life.

3. Wait at least 24 hours after the end of the hurricanes in order to allow it to dry.

If you did not have time to remove the pool equipment prior to the storm, or it has been underwater then it is essential that it is inspected by a professional insured pool contractor.

4. Check the PH levels of the water and super-chlorinate the pool.

The pool filter should be run continuously until the pool water becomes clear.

As you can see a little preparation can ensure that you have a trouble free hurricane season. If there is any damage to the pool or equipment after the hurricanes it is not worth risking the health of either your family or yourself so make sure it is checked out professionally prior to use.

If you are unsure of how to protect your pool or require advice about a particular aspect of pool care your local pool contractor will usually be able to offer advice.

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