How to Repair a Leak in your Swimming Pool

Got a Leak in Your Swimming Pool?

how to repair a swimming pool leakMaybe you just imagined it, but the water level in your pool seems to be dropping on a daily basis, and you just can’t figure out what’s happened to the water that’s gone missing. Accounting evaporation, you’ve concluded your pool’s somehow draining thanks to a flaw somewhere – but does that conclusion hold water? Indeed, leakages are a common affliction of the average swimming pool, though there are many reliable means of determining if you have a leak and where it could be. While there are do-it-yourself methods of circumventing leakages, most are unsafe, unreliable, and address only the symptoms – not the problems themselves. Fortunately, there are professional agencies that can repair leak in swimming pool at affordable prices.

The first step is ensuring a leak is indeed the root of the missing water. Check the pipe valves, filters, heater, pump, cleaner line, lights, returns, fittings and skimmers for bubbles, tears or cracks. Inspect the bottom of the pool, around the steps, in corners and seams, and any installations such as ladders, lights, and other not-so-seamless attachments which may present a conduit through which pool water may evacuate. Also, check outside of the pool for conspicuous, out-of-place wet spots and damp soil.

It’s important to note if the pool in question uses a vinyl liner – this type is very sensitive to environmental conditions and pool chemicals and needs to be at least partly filled with water at all times. Vinyl liners rely on the water pressure to remain stable. If you’ve compromised it with overexposure to harsh amounts of chlorine, or you completely drained the pool at one point, these are very likely the source of your leakage.

Check Your Pool Water Level Everyday, You May Need to Repair a Leak in Your Swimming Pool

If all else fails, mark the water level of the pool and observe changes over the next several hours or days. If the results are positive and there just doesn’t seem to be a better explanation for the dropping water level, it’s time to call a specialist to check out the problem – enter Pool Doctor. Not only will the specialists determine if there’s a leak, they’ll also determine its source and patch it up with professional-grade tools and precision. When you’re dealing with structural compromises in a swimming pool, it’s far more likely that a professional needs to address it instead of attempting to correct it with a home remedy. The issue can exacerbate without proper correction, which can pose more serious problems in the long run.

As a general rule, if you suspect you’re losing water to a breakage somewhere, your chips should be on someone who’s not only trained how to repair a leak in  your swimming pool, but also suitably equipped with high-grade materials to meet the challenge. In the end, it’s an affordable service which will yield a certain peace of mind that duct-taped skimmer or caulked crack probably won’t.

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