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Things to Consider Before You “Dive In

Since adding a new pool to your home isn’t an everyday event, it is best to have some knowledge and understanding before you install one. A beautiful and functional pool not only gives you amazing, fun moments; it also enhances your property’s value. That is, of course, if you’ve planned the whole thing properly.

Let’s see what you should consider as you get started with your pool plans.

The Main Purpose of Your Pool

Ask yourself, What will be my main activity in the pool?” Maybe you just want a “poolside” in your home where you can relax with your family and friends. Or perhaps you want a big swimming pool where you can swim laps regularly.

Also, ask yourself what’s most important to you about the pool and its surrounding area. Which aspects (aesthetics, simple maintenance, warranty, water features, customized features, etc…) are top priorities on your must have list? Once you know the answer to these questions, building the ideal pool becomes much simpler.

The Money

When considering the cost of pool building and ownership, it goes beyond the price of materials and construction. For instance, you should consult your insurance agent to confirm you have adequate protection. 

Cleaning the pool, keeping the water sanitary, maintaining pool equipment and more are all costs to figure in. Include these maintenance costs in your calculations. These figures will help you add the perfect pool at the perfect price.

The Size, Slope and Soil of Your Yard

The condition of your yard affects the time and cost of your pool’s construction. Flat yards allow faster and lower cost construction. Slopes on the other hand, will increase costs and require more work by the contractor. The specifications of your yard, combined with the type of pool you want, will determine how much time and money it will take to put in a pool.

By reviewing your yard, you can make better decisions regarding the construction. For instance, you may decide to have a smaller pool because the slope of your yard makes a bigger one beyond your budget. Or you may realize you can have it constructed more easily in a different location than the one you originally thought.

The Legal Stuff

You should be up to date with the latest zoning and construction laws relevant to your pool and community. You can use your imagination to define an amazing pool. Just don’t forget the legal way to do it. For the most part, zoning is managed locally so the process isn’t too complicated.

Consider these items: How deep should your pool be to have a diving board? How close can your pool be to utility lines? What are the guidelines for pool barriers and fencing? You should know the answers to these, and similar, questions. It can save you considerable hassle and money. Be sure to add checking with your local zoning boards and homeowner’s associations to your pre-build checklist.

Your Pool Builder’s Competence

The contractor installing your pool should be able to provide you with legitimate proof that they are the right pool builders for your project. Evaluate potential builders before you choose one.

Here are some important things you should keep in mind when evaluating a pool contractor:

  • How long has the contractor been in business?

  • Do they offer warranties? If so, what are the details?

  • Is the contractor licensed, insured and bonded?

  • The contractor should readily share client testimonials and reviews.

  • Ask for a detailed quote. You should be clear about what you’re getting, or not getting.

  • Will the pool builder subcontract any of their services?

Can You Swim?

If you cannot swim, get swimming lessons. If you have children in your home, be sure to have rules and regulations of pool usage with them for safety reasons.  Make sure that littler kids know to always have an adult with them. Figure out the rules when friends come over and, definitely, teach them how to swim.

Moreover, get your hands on safety equipment for the pool. These include water alarms, safety covers, life jackets and pool floats.

Any questions? Call us at (561) 203-0270. We look forward to starting your pool build planning!

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