Installation: What to Expect

Oh the Construction Process!!!!!!

Once aPool Installationll the paperwork is done and approved by your towns building department, we put you on our digging schedule and the process begins!!!

Here’s what you should expect during the process. 


This is the first step of your pool installation. Please make sure to remove any trees, bushes, furniture and cap off all irrigation if  you have a sprinkler system. 


Our pool building team will set the form boards and your amazing pool will start taking shape.  Pool is framed and high quality steel is added to your pool. This is quite literally the basis of our unrivaled structural warranty. Requires an inspection to pass!


State-of-the-art hydraulic system for maximum safety, water purity and energy efficiency is installed in the pool. Requires an inspection to pass!

Tiling and Coping

Your choice of materials and our craftsmanship combine to start creating a beautiful pool. You‘ll begin to get an idea of how your pool will look when completed.

Electrical Work

This phase primarily involves adding wires for lighting and filtration systems. It’s done in accordance with your city and electrical codes. Requires an inspection to pass!

Deck Form

Our team will set the deck forms and add cushion sand. Steel reinforcing is added, which is then bonded for inspection. Requires an inspection to pass!

Deck Pour

Your pool starts coming to life as our craftsmen focus on the pool deck. The materials you chose can now be seen making an impression.

Clean Up

The pool’s almost done as our team starts removing all construction debris. The shell is then prepared for plaster and the ground is burnished with a sand finish. Requires a Final inspection to pass


Finally, the interior finish is applied and the pool is filled with water. You’re now ready for your first swim!!!!!

Call us now so we can put you on our dig schedule!!!  561-586-2815.


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