Gunite Pools

80% Sand, 20% Cement. 100% Impressive.

Gunite is a popular material for pools. It is 80% sand, 20% cement and one of the best pool materials available for homeowners today.


Thanks to the immense durability of the material, gunite pools will stand the test of time. A rebar framework is used in gunite pools on top of sand and concrete mixture. The steel framework makes for a very sturdy pool, retaining its shape for a long period.

Higher Value

When compared to fiberglass pools, gunite pools provide a better selling point for properties. Not only will you enjoy countless moments in your pool, you will get more money for your house if you sell it.

Design Flexibility

Since a gunite pool is designed and constructed on site, you have virtually endless design possibilities. The material can be used to create almost any type of shape. This versatility makes gunite a favorite among homeowners.

Range of Finishes

With gunite you can choose from a wide range of amazing finishes. It becomes very easy to put in a pool that matches your outdoor living area. Pebble and glass finishes can be added for a truly unique look.

Overall, the customization of gunite lets you create a pool that suits your style and budget.

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