Is Resurfacing a Pool Expensive?


Does My Pool Need Resurfacing?

Does Resurfacing If your pool is looking stained or discolored, it may be time to get it resurfaced. The majority of pools need resurfacing at least every 15 years although this can depend on the surface used. If you have any doubts about whether or not your pool needs resurfacing, your local pool business will be able to provide a free assessment. Apart from any aesthetical benefits, getting your pool resurfaced it may also make it easier to maintain.

Can I Change the Surface Finish?

If you are having your pool resurfaced it is worthwhile taking a look at the new range of pool finishes which are available. Whether you like classic or innovative there are is a finish to suit almost every budget. Given such a wide product range it can be quite bewildering so here are some of those which you might wish to consider:-

1. Plaster

White plaster is a well established and popular choice for swimming pools. Combined with white cement and a white marble aggregate it can be particularly effective and may suit those of you with a classic taste.

2. Aggregate Effects

This is a relatively new product which is available in a wide range of colours. Aggregate is a special type of ceramic-coated sand which is extremely popular both for aesthetic and safety reasons. The slight texture on the finish provides a non-slip finish.
As a pool finish it is comparatively low maintenance although it may be necessary to apply a sealant intermittently in order to retain the appearance

The type of pool which you have will also influence which materials can be used. Concrete pools are the most flexible when it comes to resurfacing. Plaster, aggregate or even polished marble can all be used to resurface concrete pools.

Do I Need a Permit?

Apart from considering the costs involved in resurfacing a pool it is also important to make sure that local permits are obtained (if required).

Will Resurfacing be expensive?

The overall costs of resurfacing will depend mainly on the size of your pool and the actual area which needs to be resurfaced. The type of surface finish chosen and the labor costs will also have an impact but this is also related to size. As a rough guide, resurfacing a pool can cost anything from $4/ft2, but it is always best to obtain an estimate from your local pool business.

If the condition of the existing surface is in poor condition and needs to be sandblasted off this can be time consuming and add to the overall costs. The same applies if acid washing is required.

Another expense which needs to be considered is the cost of refilling the pool. This can be expensive especially if it is a large pool. However, once your pool is resurfaced I am sure that you will want to invite all your friends round to show it off, so water is a necessity!