Salt Water Pool Cleaning in Palm Beach Florida Requires Experience

Salt Water Pool CleaningThere are few activities that are more refreshing than jumping into a pool on a hot summer day. While a chlorine-based swimming pool is considered the industry standard, salt water pools are quickly becoming a popular option.


The Difference Between Salt Water Swimming Pools and Chlorinated Swimming Pools

Standard Chlorine-Based Swimming Pools

Aside from absence of salt, the source of chlorine is one of the main differences between a salt water and standard pool. Chlorine-based pools receive chlorine directly by adding manual forms, liquid, and granular or tablet forms. However, standard pools require constant monitoring and treatment.

Salt Water Swimming Pools

A common misconception of salt water pools is that they are chemical free. In fact, salt water pools still use chlorine to disinfect pool water. However, instead of mixing chlorine directly into the pool water, salt is added to generate chlorine. Salt water pool systems convert salt to chlorine through a process called electrolysis.

With proper maintenance, salt water pools can be less work, less costly, and more enjoyable.

Is Special Training Required for Salt Water Pool Cleaning?

Salt water pool cleaning in Palm Beach Florida may require far less maintenance than traditional chlorine-based pools. However, this job still requires special training and education. A pool expert should have a better understanding of salt water pools and general to advanced pool care knowledge. Cleaning your salt water pool doesn’t end with skimming leaves, stones, or any other debris here and there. It also involves changing filters, inspecting the chlorine converter, scrubbing surfaces, and checking of chlorine, stabilizers, calcium, iron, copper, zinc, and manganese levels that only a certified pool expert can provide.

Salt Water Pool – Is it Worth it?

Both salt water and chlorine-based swimming pools are great options for an enjoyable, clean and fun pool experience. Salt water pools may cost more in the beginning, but in the long run it can cost less to maintain than a chlorine-based pool.

With proper guidance and a reliable pool expert, a salt water pool can be more affordable and enjoyable in the long run. If  you are interested on a free consultation regarding salt water pool packages, contact us at (561) 568-2815 or visit our website here.