Salt Water Pool Maintenance: What you Should Know

Salt water pool maintenance and sanitation systems have gained popularity in the United States in recent years despite their worldwide popularity for quite some time. Saltwater pools are popular because of their reputation of being healthier and easier to take care of. On the other hand, some also believe that saltwater systems are more expensive to maintain. These are questions that many have but are seldom answered, until now. In short, saltwater pool sanitation systems are healthier, do not cost more to maintain, and are not any more difficult to care for than a regular chlorine sanitation system.1208707_64865499

What Makes Saltwater Pools Healthier?

  • Slow, steady streams of chlorine are dispensed into the pool by the system itself so no contact with chlorine of any form is necessary.
  • No measuring of chlorine makes it easier to maintain a proper pH balance in the pool. This method makes the water less irritating; in fact, saltwater pools are described as having a smooth, silky texture to the water.
  • Saltwater pools do not dry out the skin.
  • The disinfection method makes it easier to keep a pool clean and sanitized.

What About Cost?

Saltwater pools do cost more upfront. However, the regular maintenance of the pool will cost less per year as opposed to potentially spending that much in one month depending on the size of pool for a regular chlorine system. In an area like Palm Beach, that could easily be $800-900 in savings every year.

Is a Salt water Pool Maintenance – More Complicated to Clean?

Salt water pools require the same manual labor maintenance as any other pool (skimming, vacuuming, etc). All pools technically require proper maintenance of pH, but failure to do so in a saltwater pool system can actually damage the system. There are “smart” systems that regularly check the levels and adjust accordingly as well as those that require you to check the levels and make adjustments. Your trusted pool professionals at the Pool Doctor  of the Palm Beaches can help you choose the right system and guide you in its maintenance. Contact us today for your free consultation at 561-203-0270.


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