Salt Water Pools & Pool Companies That Service Salt Water Pools In Palm Beach County, FL

Popularity of Salt Water Pools

Salt water pools & pool companies that service salt water pools in Palm Beach County, FL are gaining popularity these days. One reason can be their powerful marketing of features such as chemical free water and less demanding maintenance. Salt water pools usually do not require the addition of chlorinated compounds as the salt in the water itself generates it. A device known as the chlorine generator is installed in the pool, which is responsible for producing chlorine from the available salt.

salt water pool

Salt Water Pool

Advantages of Salt Water Pool

There are a number of benefits of salt water pools such as:

Less Frequent Maintenance

With a salt water pool, you do not need to add chlorine to the water, so you are saved from one of the most demanding tasks already. Traditional swimming pools require more time and effort as you regularly need to add specific amounts of chlorine chemicals to ensure proper sanitization.

Automatic Cleaning Systems

Most salt-water pools are equipped with the latest equipment that takes care of most of the monitoring and cleaning tasks automatically. This saves a lot of time and effort.

Smoother on Skin

Users of traditional swimming pools often complain that they feel itchy and find chlorine flakes on their skin after bathing. Since saltwater pools do not require any extra chlorine, they do not cause such skin reactions. Moreover, water feels smoother and the swimming experience is more enjoyable and refreshing.

Odor and Chemical Residue

Swimming pools that use artificial chemicals for sanitization are often abhorred for their obnoxious smell. This is particularly obvious in indoor swimming pools, where inadequate ventilation systems may cause a critical health situation, especially for asthmatic patients. In some cases, you can see chlorine chemicals floating over such water.


Maintenance is an important concern for pool owners and pool companies that service salt water pools.  Although maintenance on salt water pools is not required as frequently as in the case of traditional pools, it is still a must.

Monitoring of Chlorine Amount

If you own a saltwater pool, you will need to check for chlorine amounts regularly. Most salt water pools require the water to have chlorine levels between 1.0 and 3.0 ppm (parts per million) while pH should lie somewhere between the 7.2 to 7.6 range.  Pool companies that service salt water pools will test these levels during their regular maintenance.

Running of Pool Pumps

Saltwater pools require pool pumps to run for a longer time. While a chlorine generator works inside to produce chlorine, pool pumps are required to disseminate the sanitizer uniformly across the waterbed. Pool owners state that they need to run their pool pumps for at least eight hours during peak swimming season.

Shock Pool Treatments

Many people believe that once they have a salt water pool, they won’t need chemicals at all. This is a misconception. You may need sanitizing chemicals for cleaning the pool thoroughly, particularly before or after rigorous use. However, you would seldom need such shock treatments.

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