A Saltwater Pool May Benefit You Better

The Many Benefits of a Saltwater Pool

Benefts of a Saltwater PoolSaltwater pools have increased in popularity among homeowners in recent years. As more and more people have come to see the tremendous benefits of a saltwater swimming pool, the days of old fashioned chlorinated pools are a thing of the past. Options abound for saltwater pool options; there is a size and style for every family.

With a saltwater system, dissolved salt converts into chlorine to clean and sanitize the pool water. The chlorine that results from the salt is a significantly lower level of chlorine than what is found in a traditional chlorinated swimming pool. Saltwater pools provide homeowners with a healthy, clean, low maintenance and affordable swimming environment that allows for relaxation and enjoyment by all.

Decreased Maintenance

Swimming pools that use chlorine tablets or powder as their main cleaning system require a great deal of regular maintenance. Saltwater systems call for much less upkeep. The salt in a saltwater system is continuously converted to chlorine, keeping the water clean and sanitized at all times without any additional work needed by the homeowner. Saltwater also prohibits algae growth, so that means no algae clean up. Additional salt or pH, however, may need to be added at times during the swimming season, depending on the pool’s use and weather conditions.

Less Chemicals

The strong smell of chlorine is off-putting to most swimmers. With limited or prolonged exposure to chlorinated water, swimmers can see a great amount of damage to their skin and eyes. A saltwater system in your pool means that all swimmers in your pool will be exposed to much less chlorine than they would be if they were swimming in a traditional chlorinated pool. Most homeowners, who choose to add a saltwater system to their pool, state that reducing their family and friends’ exposure to chemicals was their number one reason for making the saltwater choice.

Financial Savings is a Major Benefit of the Saltwater Pool

Though the initial investment may seem a little bit prohibitive, the cost of running a saltwater system is dramatically less than running a chlorine-only based system. Since chemicals do not have to be purchased and you will need a lot less maintenance, a saltwater system usually only takes a couple years for it to pay for itself.

Health Benefits

Some swimmers using chlorinated pools have reported lung irritation that results in asthma-like effects after swimming in and breathing in the chemical fumes that are inherent to high levels of chlorine.

Chlorine is a chemical that at high levels can cause other health problems, as well, such as respiratory problems and even cancer, according to Discovery.com. The levels of chlorine in a pool with a saltwater system are so low that it does not pose the health or medical risks that are inherent with chlorine exposure.

Skin, Hair and Body Benefits

Most swimmers who often us a chlorinated pool complain of red, dry itchy eyes and skin. The chlorinated water also severely dries out hair and can alter its pigment. None of these uncomfortable and unsightly issues happens in saltwater pools. Swimmers are excited and happy to find that they can swim comfortably, open their eyes under the water and enjoy knowing their hair, skin and eyes all feel normal after swimming in saltwater.

Saltwater pools are available at all price points and saltwater systems can be fitted for all shapes, styles and sizes of swimming pools. If your pool currently has a chlorine filtering system, it can be converted to a saltwater pool in order for your family to enjoy the benefits of a saltwater system. Pools provide relaxation, enjoyment and an environment for entertainment; make yours the best, cleanest and easiest it can be with a saltwater system.