Saltwater Swimming Pool Maintenance

Saltwater Swimming Pool MaintenanceSaltwater pools use a special piece of equipment called a salt chlorine generator that actually turns the salt in the water into a useful chemical that removes bacteria, algae, viruses, and other unwanted substance from your pool. Saltwater pools are well-known for being less harsh on the skin and will actually leave your skin soft and silky-smooth. It also does not have the heavy chlorine smell that is associated with many residential and commercial pools. In fact, if you keep the salt at the right level, you will not even be able to taste the salt at all!

Saltwater pools are generally less maintenance than fresh water pools, but that does not mean that you can avoid the maintenance all together. Instead, use these five steps to keep your saltwater pool clean and attractive.

1. Check the salt levels regularly. If the salt levels get too high, then you will be able to taste the salt, and your swimming experience may not be as enjoyable. If the salt levels get too low, then your pool will not be effectively sanitized. Salt levels should be between 2,500 and 3,000 ppm.

2. Avoid overdosing on chlorine. You should not have to add extra chlorine to the water except in the event of a heavy rain or heavy use of the pool in a short period of time.

3. Read salt instructions carefully. Every salt product is different, so be sure to read the complete instructions before dumping anything in your pool you cannot get the salt back once it is in there!

4. Remove excess salt from the bottom of the pool. When the salt settles in the bottom of the pool, it can turn yellow or brown. This is neither visually appealing nor good for your pool. If it sits long enough, it can stain the pool. Call a professional like those at Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches to help with this problem!

5. Seal metal surfaces. Saltwater can speed up the corrosion process on some metals. You may want to consider sealing your metal surfaces to avoid this problem all together. Many products that are made for regular pools will not work for saltwater pools. Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches can help you care for your saltwater pool by performing regular maintenance and testing. Give us a call today at (561) 586-2815 for more information.


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