Snowbirds … Essential Pool “Closing Tips” Before You Head North for the Summer

Pool Closing TipsTypically, in the low central to southern part of Florida, you don’t really close and open pools. They are maintained year round because of the high humidity, especially in coastal areas. This is even more important when leaving a pool for the summer. 

An unattended swimming pool in the summer, while residents are away, can turn green very quickly. It doesn’t take long. So, pools owned by snowbirds must continue to have the water chemicals balanced and checked for algae growth during the summer months. 

Draining the Pool. Just don’t.

If you normally maintain the pool yourself, you might consider just draining the pool. Then, you can have the utilities turned off and not have to pay for pool services while you’re gone – but you would be mistaken. Pressure can build under the pool, especially during storms, and the pool can literally pop right out of the ground or the shell can crack. Repairs will cost a lot more than keeping the utilities on and paying for a pool service while you’re away. So, leave it full of water. 


If you know that some pool equipment already is giving you problems or is on its last leg, have the equipment replaced before you leave. Much easier to deal with repairs while you’re there than when you’re away.  

Additionally, check tensions on anchor cables for pool screen enclosures. Check for any issues with your security fence, gate, and locks.  

Right before you leave, remove anything that isn’t part of the pool, especially pool toys, floats and water loungers. Also, remove such items from the surrounding area, such as patio furniture or anything else that can become airborne during high winds. Store these items in the house, garage or shed. 


If you plan to continue to use your current pool cleaning services, then you don’t need to do a good cleaning before you leave – the service should already have your pool in tip-top shape. 

If you normally do your own cleaning, then you can do a good cleaning before you leave, or have a pool service do it for you while you’re still in Florida. 

If you prefer to do a good cleaning yourself, then you’ll need to:  

  • Skim the surface for debris 
  • Brush the sides if needed 
  • Treat for any algae or metal issues 
  • Vacuum 
  • Run the pump to skim small debris and circulate the water 
  • Empty skimmer baskets 
  • Test and balance the water chemicals  
  • Super chlorinate 48 hours after the water chemicals are in balance 

Pool Cover.

Because Florida law requires secure enclosures for all its swimming pools, a pool cover isn’t needed for the safety of others. However, a pool cover or netting can collect and keep leaves and other large debris out of the pool. If using a pool service, check to see if they have an issue with a pool cover or netting being used. Unless it’s an automated pool cover, it creates more work and liability for the pool technician; and some pool services won’t remove and replace coverings as part of their cleaning service. 

Though you may be a do-it-yourself pool cleaner, it’s highly recommended that you hire a pool cleaning service while you’re away for any length of time. Warm weather speeds up the consumption of water chemicals, and the humidity creates a breeding ground for algae and mold, which can damage the pool and some of its equipment. Leaving the pool unattended means you could face a costly mess to clean up when you return. 

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