Spa Remodel – Options to Rejuvenate your Spa

Pool and Spa Remodel – Is it Time to Rejuvenate your Spa?


Should your spa be both a visual and functional element?

Many would answer – Yes!  A spa should definitely be both visual and functional. After all, what’s the point of having a visual spa when it does not have good functionality and vice versa? That is what a spa remodel entails – it offers you ways to rejuvenate your spa.

A Great Spa Remodel Includes Certain Features

A spa must be comprised of certain features to complete the description of good functionality and visuals. These features should be considered when you are discussing a spa remodel with your spa contractor:


spa remodel

A Spa Remodel Option

  • Spa within the pool  –

    The sight of a pool having a spa in-built into it is simply awe-inspiring. Besides being a very cost effective option, having a spa within the pool also helps free up the yard space for other entertainment spots. A more effective way to include a spa into a pool is by having it built in the corner of the pool. But then again, this depends on the size and shape of the pool, and whether or not it can contain a spa. Additionally, having a hot tub and pool combo will definitely be very dreamy

  • Separate heater for spa –

    Having separate heat for a spa has to do with its technical aspect. Like most things designed to meet two or more different needs, such dual purpose pools and spas, these also have their setbacks. The obvious issue is that they will need to function on two separate heat temperatures. 80 degrees is generally considered to be the recommended temperature for serious swimmers who need a good workout. But for those looking for a complete hydro massage benefit, 95 degrees is the recommended temperature.  The good news is that the professionals at Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches, a spa remodel contractor servicing  South Florida areas, can help you by giving you heat control options to best suit your needs.

  • Raised spa –

    The sight of a raised spa spilling into the pool is simply breathtaking, especially when the surroundings of the pool are aesthetically rich. When considering a spa remodel, the aesthetics is one of the basic factors to consider. It will be a good idea to have your raised spa remodel plan include planters, pavers and stonework to give the spa an attractive edge.

  • Benches –

    There are many different types of pool and spa benches to consider, such as solid surface acrylic benches, lounge benches, foldable and wheeled benches. When choosing benches for your pool and spa, just make sure that they match the surrounding aesthetics.

  • Types of Jets – When it comes to jets, your spa remodel options are endless. Some jet types include:

    • Swirl Jets
    • Therapy Jets
    • Pulsating Jets
    • Shoulder Jets
    • Pillow Jets
    • Laser Jets
    • Whirlpool Jets
  • Special areas of need –

    foot jets or calf jets – Make sure your spa remodel plan is also comprised of special areas of need such as foot jets and/or calf jets. Whether you choose to go for more or fewer jets solely depends on your preference. But don’t be mislead by the idea that having more jets means quality. On the contrary, make sure you choose foot and calf jets that offer appropriate functionality.

Your spa remodel choices will mainly depend on the design specifications of each.  Contact Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches if you have questions about spa remodel / pool and spa maintenance or click here.

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